What?? 9 Months Old?!?


This year is just flying by.  No really, I’m not just saying that.  It is.  I can’t believe the next time I will do a blog post Raelee will be 1!  Meaning not a baby.  She will be a toddler.  Excuse me while I go sob for a little while….


…..okay.  I’m back.


So on to her stats.  At 7 months old, she weighed in at 17lbs which put her in the 53rd percentile.  The amazing this is, that at the beginning of six months, like I wrote in the last blog post, she was 15lbs5oz (34th%).  Then she really started getting into solid foods.  I just felt like she was getting huge, so I weighed her again exactly 2 weeks later.  She weighed 16lb4oz (44th%)!!!  Yeah, she gained almost a pound in 2 weeks!

At 8 months she weighed 18lbs3oz (57th%).

And finally, at 9 months (now!) she weights 18lbs11oz (49th%), 27″ long (31st%), and her head is 17 ¾” around (81st%).  Yeah, my kids have big heads 😛

She has done a ton these past few months!  She started cruising like crazy in month 6-7.  And at pretty much exactly 8 months, she started crawling!  I love hearing her little hands slap on our tile floors 🙂  She is so dang cute.  And now I got my baby that crawls finally!  For a bit there I didn’t think she would either 🙂  She got really good at pulling herself up shortly after she started crawling and now there is pretty much no stopping her.  She pulls up on everything.  Even walls–so she really doesn’t need to be able to actually grab on to anything.  She has been standing unassisted and walking with either barely holding on to our fingers, or letting go of one finger and holding on with just one hand.  She can totally walk too.  Just a few days after she turned 9 months, she took a couple steps, so I grabbed my phone to try to get it on video and she took 10 steps! She is starting to let go on her own and walk a little, but it is still only 10 steps or so.  She just sits herself down and starts crawling.  She has 8 teeth!  Still has her birthmark as you can see in her pictures.  Hasn’t really seemed to change much, so I think she will have it well after she turns 1.  Around 7 months separation anxiety set in.  It’s a milestone I am not really familiar with.  Kellen acted that way a bit when her canines were coming in, but she was well over a year old and walking at that point.  But for over a month, I had to be holding Raelee all the time or she was fussing.  It was driving me bonkers!  I couldn’t get anything done.  And seriously, they need to use baby whining and crying as a torture device for women.  I literally wanted to leave and go to the bar numerous times that month.  It has gotten a little better, but she has days still where she is like that.  Especially when her teeth are about to pop out.  Overall, she is doing much better in the carseat and doesn’t cry as much.  I did find out that she can see the TV in her mirror and that when I have it on for Kellen, it calms her down.  So when she is throwing a fit in the carseat and I can’t get her to stop, I put on Elmo or Juno for her and Kellen 🙂  But overall, she is still is pretty happy and smiley baby.  She gets compliments all the time about how pretty she is and how gorgeous her eyes are 🙂  Not that I’m saying I’m pretty or have gorgeous eyes, but I have realized in the last couple months that Raelee looks a lot like me.  I don’t put make-up on much anymore and one day a little while ago I was and was using my magnifying mirror to do my eyes.  And it was weird!  I was looking at Raelee’s eyes!  And by this point Kellen was a total blondie, but Raelee is still a brunette, so I think she will stay that way like me 🙂

We pretty much have no baby toys in the house anymore.  She didn’t want to be in the Jumperoo anymore once she was more mobile on her own.  Instead she just wanted to pull up on it and walk around it and play with the toys.  But since it bounced and swung around everywhere, it was more a safety hazard than anything else, so we packed it away.  For Christmas we got her this inter tube nest thing.  It was really neat.  She knew she couldn’t really get hurt in it since it completely surrounded her so she was really brave in it.  I think it helped her learn how to pull up and crawl too.  But now that she actually crawls, she doesn’t want to be confined it in.  She hasn’t played in it for a couple weeks so I packed it up as well.  The walker is still out.  Kellen will actually get in her Cozy Coupe car and ask for Raelee to get in her walker and they will follow each other around the house in their “cars.”  It is so adorable.  And Raelee really likes her walker.  She gets around in that thing really well!  Raelee also really loves Kellen’s baby doll that she was never interested in.  I thought it was a little big for Raelee though, so I went to Target and got her a mini one and got a different kind for her Easter basket.  But nope, she wants Kellen’s.  And Kellen doesn’t mind at all so it works out fine 🙂  She loves demolishing the train table–she’s like Godzilla on that thing.  So funny.  And she likes pretty much whatever Kellen is playing with :p  Kellen yells, “No, no, no!” and then looks at me and says, “Mom!  Raelee!”  Kellen really loves her Mickey Mouse Clubhouse figurines right now, so I do help keep Raelee away from those, but everything else is up for grabs and we have Kellen just deal with it.  She has to learn to share.  She’s actually great at sharing–just not with her sister, lol.

Shortly after she turned 6 months, we stopped swaddling her and had her take naps in her crib, so the swing went away.  She did really well with breaking the swaddle compared to Kellen.  She was busting out of it all the time at night, so it was time.  She is an okay napper.  Weekdays she usually takes her morning nap while we are out and about, which was going pretty well until 7 months when we moved her to the convertible car seat.  She was getting too heavy for me to lug the bucket around.  So now if we have to do something, I have to wake her up to get her out of the car.  So she doesn’t nap well when we are out and about.  And she used to nap really well in the Becco carrier, but in the last few weeks, she hasn’t wanted to do that either.  So I’m struggling with that morning nap.  It’s mostly Wednesdays because we have playgroup and then Kellen goes to school.  While Kellen is in school, Raelee and I go to Bootcamp at the gym.  So we are out of the house from about 9am-3:30pm.  It’s a long day.  Mondays aren’t too bad–I can usually get her to take her nap before Kellen needs to go to school.  And Tuesdays and Thursdays after swimming I can usually keep her awake in the car until we get home and then put her down in her crib.  But yeah, Mondays are tough.  And Fridays can be as well when we go to playgroup.  When we are home though, her naps range anywhere between 40 min and 2 hours.  I would say average though is 45-60min.  And when she takes good naps, she usually only takes 2 naps and is in bed by 8pm.  She usually sleeps most of the night with one wake up around 3 or 4 a.m.  I feed her and then she sleeps until around 7:20 a.m. on average.  I know she doesn’t need that feeding.  Kellen did the same thing but it was 6 a.m. and she would sleep until 8 a.m.  At 10 months, we had Kellen cry it out for a couple early mornings and then she stopped waking up.  But then her wake up time moved up to 7 a.m. I think.  So since Raelee already wakes up earlier, I’m okay with her waking up for a quick feeding 🙂  I’m not sure when I will try to night wean her completely.  Or wean her at all.  She likes nursing more than Kellen did, but lately, she isn’t as interested.  Or she has just gotten extremely efficient.  She doesn’t nurse long at all and does about every 4 or so hours during the day.  Including that 3 or 4 a.m. feeding, she eats 4-5 times per day.  She really likes to nurse after she wakes up from nap, even if she isn’t hungry.  She is not a baby that wakes up happy.  Most times in the morning or from naps, she wakes up and starts crying right away for us to come get her.  I can’t remember when Kellen started playing and enjoying her crib, but I hope Raelee does that as well soon.

She is such a good eater.  She loves food!  She just eats non-stop anytime there is food around.  It’s so funny!  I bought reusable pouches for her because she wasn’t wanting me to spoon feed her starting at around 7 months, but she wasn’t quite ready for all the more solid food.  And then of course a couple weeks after that, all she wanted was finger food.  So now she gets yogurt that I mix with fruit puree baby food that I made and froze, in a pouch.  And then she gets finger food for the most part the rest of the day.  She still likes the organic meat puree that I buy jarred since I don’t want to make it myself.  So I put that in a pouch for her to make sure she is getting her protein.  She is loving swimming lessons.  She swims on Tuesdays while Kellen is in Playcare at the YMCA.  And then Raelee is in there on Thursdays.  She started getting fussy around 8m when she was in there, so I started packing a pouch and yogurt drops for her even though she ate breakfast before we go.  She eats it all.  The Playcare ladies think it is hilarious how quickly she sucks down the pouch and then eats every single yogurt drop.  Then she makes her way over to the snack table and starts trying to steal other kids’ food!  Haha, my little piggy 🙂


Since the last blog post, we haven’t done too many crazy things–it is the slower time of year 🙂  We had Valentine’s Day, started and finished building my studio, a fun coast day trip and Easter.  Valentine’s Day wasn’t a big deal really, but we did have a fun snow storm the weekend I did my mini sessions–so it was a little scary getting to and from the place where I had the session.  My studio is built at the back of our RV parking spot.  We bought a Tuff Shed and then did insulation and drywall, texture and paint.  And some laminate wood flooring.  It was a big project, but Laura and Emily let me borrow their husbands, Ross and Chris, to help.  They have some free sessions coming their way 🙂  I looove having my own space.  I don’t have to lug everything around and my clients can see all my props.  I’ve been pretty steady this past month, so it seems like hopefully it will pay off.  It was gorgeous a couple weeks ago and we had a free weekend so we took a trip to Florence.  Kellen absolutely loved the beach and the sand and just wanted to scoop it into her bucket with her shovel until eternity.  Raelee really liked it there as well and didn’t even try to eat the sand :p  Easter was great.  Kellen was really excited talking about the Easter Bunny and hunting for Easter eggs.  She even ate a couple hard boiled eggs!  We were impressed–though overall, her eating has gotten much better in the last few months and she has been trying and liking a lot of new things.  She was a little scared of the Easter Bunny when we went to go see him, but I told her he had candy for her so she sat and took the picture.  And of course I gave her the candy 🙂  She has had candy quite a few times now, but we limit it.  It is mostly because we did potty training over Spring Break and got M&Ms as rewards.  We did the 3 Day Bootcamp method and it worked really well.  She needed a little more incentive then just the candy so we did a sticker chart and she got Mickey Mouse figurines for pooping.  Now she doesn’t have any accidents and we are going on the 5th week I think.  We do need to work on her getting there and doing it all herself, but that will come with time.  They had a great time opening their Easter baskets too and they both did really well in church that day.  We have been trying to go to Mass more.  And thankfully, so has Laura and Ross.  Julia and Kellen are BFFs, so they help keep each other occupied and somewhat quiet during Mass.  John and I have actually been asked to be Julia’s Godparents for her Baptism next weekend 🙂  We are so honored!

Kellen is doing so great in school.  She loves it so much and we have see her vocabulary and language just explode in the last few months especially.  I went to parent/teacher conferences last week and got a kind of “report card” for her.  She is doing so well and I’m such a proud mom 🙂  She is well liked, empathetic, very smart and her teachers say everyone is just enamored when she talks and thinks she is adorable.  She is a bright spot in the class 🙂  She excels in pretty much every area except language.  But she’s getting better.  She still talks in her “Kellen-ese” as her teachers call it, but it is mostly when she is excited and seems to be her talking really fast.  But there usually is a least a couple words in there that we understand so we know what she is talking about.  And everyday she is saying more and more words and communicating and conversing with me.  I love watching her grow!  She is so big!  She doesn’t look like a baby or even a toddler anymore!  She looks like a little girl!  And she is so pretty and animated.  People have said for a long time that we are going to have to beat boys off with a stick, and I just laugh it off.  But I’m kind of scared.  Because I look at her now and have a good idea that it is probably going to be true!  Oh, the teenage years!…..

Kellen and Raelee are starting to play together a little more.  Kellen likes to make silly faces and laughs at Raelee in the car and it makes Raelee smile and laugh 🙂  She doesn’t necessarily like sharing all her toys with Raelee, but overall she is really good with her and talks to her and gets excited to see her.  She’s also concerned if Raelee isn’t with me when I pick her up somewhere or when we go somewhere–it’s really cute 🙂



Well, since it took me almost until Raelee was 10 months old to finish this blog post (I started right when she turned 9 months), who knows when I will get her 1 year blog post done!  But I will do my best 🙂


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