6 months and some Kellen updates

Okay, so I’ve really sucked at blogging about the girls.  I’ve decided my goal is to do 3, 6, 9, and 12m for Raelee and at the same time throw in any Kellen updates I have 🙂  After Raelee turns a year old, I have no idea when I will blog–I’ll figure that out later.  Right now I just need to get through this first year!  Having two is tough :p

Wow!  Raelee is 1/2 of a year old already!  I can’t believe it!  At this time with Kellen, I was starting to plan her birthday party…..yeah, not going there yet :p

At 4 months she weighed in at 13lbs3oz (38th%), 24.25″ long (48th%) and 16.63″ head (81st%).

At 5 months she weighed in at 14lbs4oz (39th%).

And at 6 months she weighed in at 15lbs5oz (34th%), 26.25″ long (66th%) and 17″ head (69th%).

She rolled over at 16.5 weeks!  And unlike Kellen, she does it all the time.  Not just a few times and then pretty much never again 😛  She absolutely refuses to roll back to belly.  I know she can if she wanted to because she will roll almost all the way over to where half of her belly is down.  Then she realizes what is happening and rolls right back over to her back again.  Any time I put her on her belly, she is rolling to her back within seconds.  She is not a fan of being on her belly 🙂  She started sitting super early just like Kellen did!  Right after she turned 4 months old.  And then like a crazy little girl, she started getting mobile right around Christmas.  No, not by crawling–my girls are crawling boycotters!  Not that either of them could really learn how when they refuse to be on their bellies.  But she scoots on her butt!!!  It is amazing 🙂  At first she just did it on smooth surfaces, so the counter or table top or the tile floor (all supervised of course), but then shortly after she started doing it on carpet as well.  She does really well and goes across the room.  She will stay in the crawling stance for a few seconds if I put her there, but then she just lunges herself forward to get to whatever she wants.  And boy does she know what she wants!  She is super duper grabby!  You can’t put anything remotely near her without her taking a swipe at it.  My hair is getting pulled if I ever have it down, she tries to steal any food she sees…it’s quite funny actually.  She also will let you know if she’s pissed when you take something away from her.  Haha, Kellen was so much more laid back.  She’s still overall a really happy baby and doesn’t fuss too much.  She actually does seem to be liking the carseat less and less.  On the way to places, she is usually fine, but on the way home she is over it.


Sitting early!

She loves her Jumperoo and goes absolutely nuts in it!  It is probably her favorite toy we put her in.  She’s a really good bouncer.  She likes to sit up in her whale tub during bath time.  She splashes like crazy!  And when she is laid back in it, she kicks like crazy.  I also bought a bath seat thing that doesn’t take up too much room for the nights that John works late and I need to get both girls ready for bed.  Sometimes I need to get them to bed around the same time depending on when naps were, so it helps.  She’s going to love swimming lessons–we start next week!  I will take Kellen on Tuesdays while Raelee is in the daycare and then Raelee gets to go Thursdays while Kellen is in the daycare.  I can’t wait to take her.  And Kellen is going to love being in the daycare for an hour–she always goes nuts with the toys in there when we drop and pick up Raelee.


Loves sitting up in her whale tub


Bath time with sister!


Eating her toes after bath 🙂

She loves grabbing at toys–her favorite one lately is a Pampered Chef chip clip.  Everything you give to that girl goes straight to her mouth and she drools like crazy!  Her bottom 2 teeth popped out at 4.5 months and she barely made a peep about it!  Some extra drooly days and she didn’t eat very well for a few days, but then it was over!  I think she is about to get some more because she’s back to being super drooly again.  She tolerated the Bumbo for a little while and then started arching her back and wanted out of it really quick, so once she was sitting pretty well on her own, it got packed away.  She is still standing really well and it is one of her favorite things to do.  She can actually stand up and hold on to the activity table and stand there for 30 seconds or so on her own.  But she stands really well holding on to the coffee table–we have foam all the way around the sides, so she grabs on to that and it is perfect height for her to chew on the foam.  She’ll stand there for a minute or so.  She is recently getting the hang of walking when we hold onto her hands.  She crosses her feet over each other though sometimes so that slows her down a little.  We started trying the walker a few weeks ago and at first she just pushed herself backwards, but now she is doing pretty well at cruising around going forward.

2 teeth!

2 teeth!


We are still letting her nap in the swing and swaddling her.  We are going to break her of it and put her in the crib for naps this weekend since John has it off.  She sleeps okay at night–usually 4 hour stretches at a time.  But sometimes I will get 6 or even up to 8 hours at a time.  But it’s somewhat rare.  She naps okay–when we are out and about , she wakes up every time the location changes.  So if we go from inside the car to inside a store, she usually wakes.  But unlike Kellen, she is still usually in a pretty good mood–even with a 15/20 minute nap.  At home in the swing she naps usually at least 45min but sometimes up to 2 hours.


We had her try some oatmeal cereal around 5 months just to see where she was at.  She seemed to like it okay and did well.  And then I started giving her prunes every day or every other day at 5.5 months because this girl does not like to poop!  She isn’t constipated because it isn’t hard when she finally does go, but she just seems to have trouble getting things going.  It’s normal for a breastfed baby to go 7-10 days without pooping, as long as they are comfortable.  But usually by day 4 she is really showing discomfort–especially when eating.  We try belly massage and bicycle legs and they don’t really work.  The prunes sometimes work, but it takes a couple days even when I feed them to her regularly.  So we have glycerin suppositories and give her those when nothing else is working and she is visibly in pain.  They work right away so it is nice.  She seems to really like the prunes because when I have tried to give her oatmeal again, she gives me a dirty look and doesn’t really want to eat it.  And I bought too many yams for Thanksgiving, so I put some aside and made her puree from it, and she is not that interested in it either.  And she didn’t like bananas or avocados when we tried.  I feel like Kellen was a better solid food eater than she is so far.  But Raelee is my boob girl 🙂  Kellen never was a huge fan of breastfeeding.  She did it to get food and that was pretty much it.  Raelee would be on my boob all the time probably if I let her.  So we are taking solids kind of slow and hopefully she will catch on more as she gets a little older.  But if I want to wean after she turns a year old (I might want to go to 2–not sure yet and will play it by ear), I might have trouble with this one.


Pretty girl :)

Pretty girl 🙂

Since the last blog post, we had Halloween, Thanksgiving a snow storm and Christmas!  Phew–lots to catch up with 🙂

For Halloween we went trick-or-treating with the Looney’s.  Kellen and Tyler rode in the wagon and I pushed Raelee in the stroller.  She was so good and ended up falling asleep towards the end.  Kellen did such a great job walking up to the houses.  She said trick-or-treat, but it was really quiet, so I don’t think anyone heard her 🙂  She loves the wagon too!  Her Auntie Tanya got her one for her birthday and once the weather is nice we will take it out.  She’s going to have a blast in it!  And by then Raelee should be able to ride around in it with her.

Thanksgiving was nice and simple here at home.  The Civil War was the next day, so my dad and Karen came up here and spent the night and Lindsey and Nainoa came over as well.  John got a smoker this past summer and loves smoking stuff on it, so we brined the turkey for the first time this year and smoked it.  It was amazing!  Kellen didn’t really eat any of the food though…she’s pretty picky still.

In mid-December, we had a big snow storm!  Well, big for us 🙂  We got close to 8″ and it stuck around for a long time because it was freezing!  Well, actually literally well below freezing.  It actually reached -11 degrees!  I’ve never seen it that cold before.  Kellen enjoyed the snow when we had her all bundled up.  I don’t think Raelee really noticed 🙂

Christmas was great 🙂  Kellen was not a fan of Santa.  We took her to the Valley River Mall early in December to beat the crowds/lines.  She would not sit in his lap, so John and I ended up getting in the picture as well.  Then I thought that we should have a picture every year showing the girls’ true reactions to Santa, so I took Kellen to the Gateway Mall Santa and took a picture myself–she was not happy!  I’m kinda mean, but I thought it was funny 🙂  She was completely fine as soon as I took her off his lap and started telling him how she wanted a bike.

For my birthday we went on the Christmas lights limo tour again and got a babysitter for the girls. It was a lot of fun. And we went to dinner after. It was nice to get an adult night out, but of course I thought about the girls the whole time and wondered what they were up to 🙂

Kellen figured out what presents were this year and had a blast opening her gifts.  It started the Monday before Christmas–we drove up to Vancouver, WA to see John’s grandpa and step-grandma.  We had a nice visit with them and went to lunch.  Then we drove to Beaverton to my Leepa’s house, and had a little mini Christmas with him and Ronnie and my mom.  And the super exciting part was my sister Tanya and her boyfriend Clarke came up from LA!  So we picked them up from Leepa’s and brought them back to our place and they were here with us for the rest of the week.  Lindsey and Nainoa came over on Christmas and Lea and her boyfriend, Brian, came down from Puyallup so it was the first time in like 9 years that all of us sisters were together on Christmas.  It was great!  I made prime rib…mmm.  Yummy.  And then Saturday my dad and Karen came up from Medford so Kellen and Raelee had one more Christmas.  I think Kellen likes some of Raelee’s toys more than her own though :p  Christmas Eve we went to the Children’s Mass at 5pm and we put her little angel wings on again.  She was so cute standing up there this year 🙂  She did really good.

Kellen is doing great!  She loves loves loves pre-school.  We had parent-teacher conferences in November, and they said she is doing great.  I was just a teeny bit concerned about her speech because she doesn’t exactly annunciate her words well, but they said for being one of the youngest in the class, she is doing great.  And her speech gets better every day!  She is now saying tons of sentences and does really well at telling us what she wants by using words.  She is so funny is the little things she says and has the cutest and sweetest little voice.  I personally think she is super duper smart–and it probably is totally biased :p  But she knows all her letters (when shown to her as upper case) and knows most of them in lower case.  She knows pretty much all the numbers up to 20, though the teens sound very similar when she says them.  She can count that high as well, but sometimes when she is playing and counting fast, she goes out of order and skips numbers 🙂  She has started singing the ABCs but it’s not super clear 🙂  She knows pretty much all her colors and a lot of shapes.  She knows and says her name (first and last) and that she is 2 years old.  She loves building and stacking right now.  And of course still loves playing with her balls–she loves throwing them and catching them, kicking and rolling!  And playing with her Little People sets.  We think for her next gift giving holiday, we will get her a doll house.

She still loves gymnastics class and does really well jumping with both feet off the ground either on the trampoline or just the floor.  We are going to be getting her a little trampoline here soon.  We converted the office/guest room into pretty much just a playroom except the built-in desk still has my computer on it.  We are going to be getting a sofa bed for guests, so it will still be somewhat of a guest room.  They have so many toys!  But Kellen loves the room and we play at least half the time we are home in there and the other half is in the living room.  Her favorite shows right now are Mickey Mouse and Super Why.  She does great with swimming–I’m hoping to continue challenging her in class so she is ready for the 3s class where she gets in the pool without me.  She got her first haircut and did great!  They barely cut anything off, but I just wanted it evened out and the longest little strings were pretty ratty looking.  I had to give her popcorn to distract her enough 🙂  She is now in a booster seat up at the counter with us.  The first few times I gave her an option of sitting in it or the high chair and she always chose the booster.  So now just Raelee sits in the highchair.  We use FaceTime on the iPad every Sunday night to talk to John’s parents.  She calls my dad and John’s dad, “Bapa.”  It’s pretty cute 🙂  She doesn’t really say grandma, but when she does it basically sounds like mama.  She’s been a little obsessed with shoes lately–she loves putting on our shoes and walking around and John’s hats too.  She really loves these Crocs that used to be her cousin Savannah’s.  They are still too big for her but we think she loves them because she can get them on and off easily.  She even demands they are in her bed at night…haha, silly girl.  We haven’t started potty training yet but plan to in the next couple months.  She has always loved sitting on her potty and reading potty books and watching potty shows, but just recently started telling me when she poops.  And in the past couple days, I can tell she doesn’t like the feeling of poop in her diaper because she walks funny 🙂  And she willingly gets her diaper changed–normally she throws a fit.  So steps in the right direction!

She is just the sweetest girl.  She loves to share with her friends, and she gives hugs and kisses.  She doesn’t hit or push or yell when playing either.

We are so blessed with our amazing little girls 🙂


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