What? A quarter way through the 1st year already??

Wow, I can’t believe Raelee is 3 months old already! This past month literally flew by. I was thinking yesterday about how it’s only a couple months until my birthday and it seriously does not feel like it was a year ago that I turned 30! This has to be the quickest year of my life. SLOW DOWN!! My babies won’t be my babies forever :/

Raelee is doing great! She weighed 12lbs2oz on her 3 month-day.  That puts her in the 48th percentile so she dipped down a bit.  Not sure why, but I’m going to try not to stress about it 🙂  She just started wearing 3-6m clothes.  It’s so weird to have a baby wear clothes when they were meant to be worn!  I put her in jammies last night that Kellen was wearing when she was 6m old :p

Here are the pictures I took in her room and then also I did some special ones at Lonepine Farms when we went to go get pumpkins last weekend.

As you can tell from some of those pictures, she is pretty interested in her feet lately.  Especially when they are bare.  She hasn’t tried to grab them yet, but she stares at them a lot. She also loooves to chew/suck on her hands and still tries to suck her thumb at times.  She has to be the smiliest (totally not a word :p) baby ever.  She is so happy all the time and only really fusses when she is fighting sleep and when she’s hungry.  She doesn’t like the car that much, but she’s getting better.  Her and Kellen switched sides in the car because Kellen is forward facing now!  I wanted Raelee on the passenger side so I could see her in the mirror.  I moved the mirror down a bit and now put the handle down when she’s in the car so she can see really well and so I can reach back to give her the paci easier.  Raelee likes to catnap throughout the day–some naps are 15 minutes.  But she never seems cranky!  As long as she gets 15-20min in she seems to be a happy camper when she wakes up 🙂  She is still awake anywhere between 1 and 2 hours max in-between naps.  We moved her into her crib on September 29th when she was almost 13 weeks old.  It was a couple rough days where she was up every couple hours, but now she sleeps 5.5-7.5 hour stretches and then 2-3hrs more after that.  Sooo much better than Kellen.  I decided to move her up there because she was sleeping 7+ hours in our room after I started swaddling her at night.  She wasn’t sleeping well, so I figured it was worth a shot.  The reason I like babies to room in is so I don’t have to trek all the way to the other side of the house and then up the stairs a million times per night.  She’s also a light sleeper like Kellen was so we could barely make any noise in our room and risk waking her.  I sleep better with her up there too because I’m also a light sleeper.  I have to say, it is really nice to have a baby without reflux–I truly believe that was a lot of Kellen’s issues as a baby.

She is getting more efficient at eating so nursing session usually take 15 minutes tops–but she still has marathon sessions.  She is much more of a boob girl than Kellen was and it makes me hopeful that she will want to nurse until closer to 2 years old.  That was my goal with Kellen, but she was so over it so we stopped shortly after her 1st Birthday.  My milk supply is a little better this time around but I do not have really any over-supply at all.  She takes a bottle really well and loves her pacifier.  At this point she usually poops once per day but sometimes none or 2-3 times.

She doesn’t protest as much as Kellen did with tummy time, but she hasn’t rolled yet either.  Kellen did at 2m belly to back and 4m back to belly.  But she only did a few times and then wanted nothing to do with rolling for a long time.  Raelee squirms pretty good and can actually travel some short distances because of it–makes me wonder if I will have a baby that crawls this time 🙂  She drools A LOT!  I’m going to have to invest in some bibs I think because I used Kellen’s cloth type ones when she started eating solids as well and a lot of them were ruined.  Kellen wasn’t a big drooler so it was really the only time I used bibs.  I think Raelee will probably get worse when she actually does start really teething.

She still absolutely loves to stand–she’s been stamping her little feet for a while, but just recently actually started to bring them forward in a walking motion.  So I might have another early walker on my hands.  She also likes to sit up so we’ve been getting a good amount of use out of the Bumpo this time around.  I also brought down the Jumperoo and put her in there at 13 weeks and she loves it.  She can only do either of them for maybe 10-15min before she gets tired and wants to be held.  She is wanting to lay on her play mat less and less but if needed I can usually put her there for 5 minutes or so and she’ll be happy.  She is slowly starting to reach for things.

Her Baptism was great 🙂  She looked beautiful in her dress and was an angel all of Mass 🙂


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