To our 2 year old…


I can’t believe you are 2 years old. This last year has just flown by–especially since learning about your sister’s impending arrival.  And now she’s here and we love watching you be a big sister.  You are so kind to everyone.  You love to give kisses and hugs and you are really good about sharing your snacks and toys (except for maybe your Elmo dolls 🙂 ).    You love turning on and off the lights for us and walking down the stairs and counting while you go down.  You can could to 12 really well (you sometimes skip 4)–you could almost say you count to 13, but 13-19 all sound the same (“Twerteen”).  You can say 20 too 🙂  You love playing with your puzzles–you are super fast at that!  At your preschool open house, you were whipping through the puzzles and one of your teachers, Lori, said she needed to get some more challenging puzzles for you!  You still love reading books.  You will sit in your room reading forever!  Or in your little corner of the living room.  You “read” out loud to yourself a lot too.  You don’t watch TV anymore except for in the gym daycare (they put Elmo on for you).

Here are some fun things about you at the age of 2!


I guessed on your height and weight–you are squirmy at home so it is hard to do it!  We had your 2 year pediatrician appointment a couple weeks after you turned 2 and I was pretty close!  You weighed 25lbs5oz (30th%), height was 34.25″ (62nd%) and head was 19″ (69th%).  Getting to be such a big girl 🙂

We had a lot of fun at your birthday party.  It was at Roaring Rapids Pizza and had an Elmo theme of course 🙂

We are so busy!  You have dance class again on Mondays, but you aren’t too into it lately.  You didn’t like the one during the summer we took at a different studio, but this is the one we took before the summer that you really liked before.  So if you aren’t liking it again by the end of this session, we will not sign up for the next one and take a little break.  Tuesdays and Thursdays we are back to swimming lessons again and you are so happy to be back!  And I can’t believe how much has changed in the 2 months we took off.  You climb out of the side of the pool now!  And you actually blow bubbles instead of drinking the water all the time.  You are doing well at reach and pulls and kicking at the same time.  I think you will be swimming pretty well by your next birthday.  And now you have gotten over your fear of walking to the stairs that go to the slide–you run over there and go down the slide as many times as you can during free time.  You are more vocal about what you want and don’t want to do and you are constantly asking to go to the wall or the stairs so you can climb out and jump in 🙂  You also will put your head back into the water or your ears.  We still have playgroup on Wednesdays and you have so much fun with your friends.  We now have Raelee’s playgroup on Fridays but the majority of us have older kids too, so there are a lot of friends for you to play with.  And you also still go to gymnastics with Dad on Fridays (unless he has a different day off and then you go with him then–usually Wednesdays and we skip playgroup).  He says you really like it and have a lot of fun.

And starting the week after you turned 2, you started Preschool!  You go Mondays and Wednesdays from 12:15-3pm.  Julia is in your class with you, and there are 9 total 2 year olds–including a set of boy triplets and boy/girl twins!  The class is 5 boys and 4 girls.  Your teachers, Ms. Lori and Ms. Lisa, told us that pretty much all the kids cry the first couple of weeks when they are dropped off.  But not you or Julia!  You two never cried!  Your teachers refer to you as, “The big girl in the class!” or “Miss Independant!”  Even though you are one of the youngest, you are doing great 🙂  Naptime is a struggle those days though because it starts so late and you are so tired by the time we get home that you usually get upset.  But overall, it is a great thing that you are in this class.  You love it and love your backpack.

Lately when you wake up in the morning and from naps, you immediately get out of your bed and open your door and go to the top of the stairs and call for us behind the gate.  You don’t really play in your room too much after sleeping–just before.  Your last molar is almost out now!  Sooo close and then you will be done!  This last molar is bugging you quite a bit though.  We will be happy when it pops through.  You love Raelee 🙂  You say her name really well and like to push her in her swing, give her hugs and kisses and you love holding her (with supervision of course).  I still haven’t seen any jealousy from you towards your sister–you are such a great big sister!  You have started to sing finally!  I was starting to wonder since you love it when I sing, we sing or listen to music at every activity we do, and you love to dance.  It’s so cute and I love when you sing in your little adorable voice 🙂  You talk a TON!  But a lot of it is still in your own gibberish.  You usually finish a sentence with a word we recognize so we know somewhat what you are talking about.  We try to have conversations with you, but they are for sure getting better.  And I think Preschool will really help with your speech as well.  But your teachers said you are where you should be for just turning 2.  And Dr. Bradshaw has no concerns at all.  You really have been big on imaginary play.  You play with your tea set by putting Elmo and other stuffed animals in chairs at your little table and give them cups 🙂  You love playing with your Disney Princess Little People castle, your play kitchen, and in your Cozy Coupe car.  I also caught you pretending to change Violet’s “poo poo” diaper today.  Speaking of, you are no where near potty trained.  What I saw today is pretty much the closest thing you have gotten to talking about it.  You like to sit on your potties fully clothed, read potty books, and watch Elmo’s potty movie.  But that’s it.  You have until you are 2.5 and then we will push it a little more since the 3 year preschool classes want kids to be potty trained to attend.

We love you so much and can’t wait to see what this next year entails 🙂  Thank you for being such an amazing little girl!


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