Raelee 2 months

Raelee had her 2 month appointment at 7 weeks because our Pediatrician likes to since there is a whooping cough outbreak in the area.  She weighed 10lbs12oz (66th percentile), 22.5″ long (73rd percentile), and her head was 15.5″ (79th percentile).  So she’s our perfect little above average girl 🙂  When I weighed her at 2 months, she was about 11lbs5oz.  We also found out that a red mark that appeared below her lower lip on the left side is what they call a strawberry birthmark.  I thought it was from her paci rubbing wrong, but nope.  I think it is kind of neat 🙂  Our pediatrician said it will probably get bigger and then will usually fade away around the age of 2.  Here are her 2 months pictures–I love the one of her and Kellen 🙂  And I decided to take some of her in the Baptism dress.  I only have some of Kellen wearing it at the church, so thought I would get some that showed more detail 🙂

Time is just flying by!!  Raelee is such an adorable baby.  She loooooves to smile and coo and she even attemps little laughs 🙂  She loves loves loves to stand up–she supports all her weight on her legs for a good length of time, we just help her with balance.  She really likes to sit too so she hangs out in the Bumpo daily for at least a little bit.  We can get a few minutes when she’s on her play mat.  She has a mermaid toy that we hung from the bars and she likes looking at her.  She naps in the swing and usually fights sleep except for maybe her first morning nap.  So when she gets put in the swing, she usually starts fussing.  But she’ll stay in there for a long time and nap and even hang out in there when she wakes up.  She’s awake on average for about 1.5hrs but has gone as short as 1hr between naps or up to over 2 hours between naps.  From the start of one feeding to the start of the next is still about 2 hours.  Sometimes 1hr45min but also has gone to 3hrs or so, but usually only because she’s napping.  We do have a good Eat, Play, Sleep routine.  At night she usually gives me between 3 and 4 hours for the first stretch.  Recently the second stretch is usually the same length and then after that it’s about 1.5-2hrs.  She falls asleep really great after nursing, but she struggles with gas in the early hours of the morning.  We’ve been using the Windi and it works pretty well most mornings.  She takes a paci and a bottle well, but she spits out her paci sometimes recently to suck her thumb!  Ugh.  I can take away the paci, but I can’t take away her thumb!  I’m hoping it is just a phase :p  I’m not very good at remembering to do tummy time–we are really busy every day until about 2:30pm when we finally get home.  Then they usually both nap and I run around the house trying to get chores or photography things done.  I need to be better about it 🙂


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