Raelee 1 month!

What??? 1 month old already?!?! That first month just flew by! I have a bad feeling time in general is just going to fly by now–2 kids keep me super busy.  I don’t want them to grow up too fast!


Things are going well!  Raelee is overall a pretty easy baby.  She gets the typical fussiness in the evenings but I usually just plop her in the Moby and if necessary I will hang out by the stove with the hood fan on for a few minutes.  She’ll fall asleep and be good.  The middle of the night is her gassy time.  And she’s in pain 😦  The first couple weeks she gave me 4-5 hour stretches at night but this past week I get maybe 3-4hrs for the first stretch and then she’s up every 2hrs or so after that.  And it’s been taking her a while to get back to sleep since she is having gas pains.  I think she might be going through a growth spurt as well because a couple of the nights she has me up every 2hrs or less all night.  I’m trying to tell myself to be patient and that it will get better 🙂  And she already is a better sleeper than Kellen.  But it doesn’t seem like she has an reflux signs.  And I haven’t had to swaddle her, which I’m glad because I really hated breaking the swaddle with Kellen.  During the day I try to have her eat every 2hrs, which is usually what she wants anyway.  She’s been napping in the swing which I told myself before her arrival that I wanted to have her nap in our room in the Rock N Play, but the few times I have tried, she wakes up fairly quickly and wants no part of it.  Maybe someday 🙂

We did have a tough night on her 5th night after birth.  We were home and she was inconsolable starting around 7pm.  It was really bad and my mommy instincts were telling me something more was wrong than just the typical newborn fussiness.  Around 1am I told John I wanted to call the pediatrician.  I talked to the advice nurse and she was concerned that it could be a bowels issue and told me to take her to the ER 😦  So I got to the ER around 2am and she was still screaming.  The only time she stopped was if I was nursing her.  The ER doctor said that he could tell she was in obvious pain, but after his whopping 5 minute exam, he said he didn’t see anything wrong with her.  Ugh, what a waste.  But I don’t regret taking her–it’s better to be on the safe side I believe.  We got home around 4am and she passed out in our bed and didn’t wake up for over 4 hours.  Poor thing was so tired 😦  She was much better the next day and hasn’t had any issues since.  We think maybe she got a little bit of a bug.  My dad was watching Kellen while we were at the hospital and when he got home the next day he started not feeling well.  Friday it hit us–Kellen projectile vomited all over the living room (she has never done that) and had a fever and John and I had bad diarrhea and upset stomach.  It was no fun–but we thought that Raelee had missed it.  John and I didn’t have a fever, and neither did Raelee, so maybe her belly was just really upset like ours.  Either way, I felt horrible and we were all glad when we started feeling better by that next Monday.

We have let her sleep in our bed quite a bit.  She wasn’t liking the Rock N Play the first couple weeks, but I think that was because she just wanted to sleep on or right next to me all the time.  She is so much more a mama’s girl than Kellen was.  The first week she pretty much cried anytime I wasn’t holding her.  She warmed up to John by the 2nd week and now she is better about being in the swing or in the Rock N Play.

It’s not too bad doing things and getting out and about with both the girls.  Since Raelee sleeps almost all the time, it makes it nice 🙂  I’m sure once she has longer awake periods and wants more interactions, it might get difficult.  We have been doing all of Kellen’s normal activities except for swimming, which we will start up again in September.  I’m also going to try to get back into Bootcamp in September.  Hopefully I will have time for all of it 🙂  I’ll be gone out all morning every day doing Kellen’s activities and then home for lunch, then Bootcamp, then nap time, and then it will be dinner pretty much.  Yikes–not sure when I will get chores done around the house…..  I guess we will just figure it out.  Kellen is still great with her–she’s always trying to give her hugs and kisses and tries to share snacks and toys with her 🙂

Here are her newborn pictures that I took–it was harder than I thought to do them on my own, so it was over a 3 day period.

Here are more pictures from her first month 🙂


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