22 months! 2 months until 2 years!

I can’t believe how fast she is growing! She’s such a big girl–we have especially noticed it since we have brought Raelee home.  I didn’t take a ton of pictures this month since Raelee came home this past week.  Plus Kellen just wasn’t wanting to pose besides laying down on the blanket like Raelee 🙂

We are in a slow time of year–most of our activities take a break during the summer.  But we found a summer dance class that starts next week and goes for 6 weeks so that will help get us through.  John will do swimming with Kellen this week since I can’t yet and then we will be taking a break from swim lessons until I’m ready to put Raelee in the daycare at the YMCA–probably closer to 2 months old.  In the past few weeks, Kellen has discovered the freedom of her toddler bed.  Now when we put her down for nap or bedtime, by the time we get downstairs and look at the monitor, she is out of her bed and reading books.  She usually takes at least a good 30 minutes to fall asleep.  And more recently, she has started falling asleep on the floor so we have to go and move her and put her in her bed.  Such a silly child.  We know the bed is much more comfortable!  She got one of her 2 year molars in and I’m pretty sure she is working on more.  I’ll be excited when teething is done for her!  But it will probably be just in time for Raelee to start :/  She has stopped hitting but has moved into head-butting things instead.  The couch, the table, the floor (yes, even the cement tiles!).  I can’t really discipline her for it, but we try to guide her into not doing it.  But I guess it is better than hitting us….

She seems to like her baby sister so far 🙂  She will give her kisses and always says hi and bye to her.  She hasn’t showed any jealousy so far.  There has been a couple times when she wants to sit in my lap and I’m nursing but most times I am able to make room for her and that makes her happy.  She is having a blast with John–I really think she is going to miss him when he goes back to work.  They are BFFs right now since my main priority is Raelee for now.  He will have about 3 weeks off with us before he goes back to work, so hopefully we can get a routine started by then.

We went to Sesame Street Live when they were in town in May–wow, she absolutely loved it!  We had a lot of fun 🙂  She is still obsessed with Elmo and the plan for her birthday party is an Elmo theme.  We got her a water table and a slide for the backyard as early birthday gifts.  Since she doesn’t know the difference we wanted to give them early so she could enjoy them this summer 🙂  She looooves to slide–she will do it over and over and over again.  And as for the water table, she mostly likes to fill the cup up with water and drink it….such a weird child.

She is talking a TON!  She makes sense too so we can actually communicate with each other better 🙂  We really love this age that she is at–so much fun 🙂


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