38 weeks #2

Symptoms?:  Started getting contractions a couple nights ago.  Raelee actually woke me up around 5am from moving around so much.  It hurt!  And she hasn’t moved like that in a while.  It went on for a while and I noticed menstrual type cramps coming in waves so I knew they were contractions.  So then I wondered if she was causing them from moving so much, or if she was moving because I was having contractions.

Weight gain?: Up 21lbs

Best thing that happened this week?:  Nothing too exciting.  Just another good week with Kellen 🙂

Movement:  Still quite a bit.

Any baby-related purchases this week?:  I got some honey sticks for the hospital to give me some energy when I need it.  Also got a small can of WD-40.  I remember the rocking chair squeaked sooo bad when we were there with Kellen.  And Laura just had Jacob a couple weeks ago and said they still do and they asked the nurse about it and I guess they aren’t allowed to oil them up or something.  So I’m smuggling some in and doing it myself 🙂

Nursery progress:  It’s done!  Has been 🙂

Milestones reached?:  I can’t believe we only have a couple weeks to go!

What size is the baby?:  A pumpkin

Belly picture:  A comparison since I’m wearing the same shirt.  37 weeks with Kellen and 38 weeks with Raelee.  I’m for sure bigger this time!  But I’ve gained 3 less pounds.



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