35/35!! #2

35 weeks pregnant and 35 days to go!

Symptoms?:  Pretty much the same.  I can’t wear Kellen’s birthstone ring anymore–it is tough to get off and on.  My wedding ring is still fitting, but with warmer weather coming soon, I’m not sure if I will for much longer.  I’ve noticed my stretch marks on my stomach have gotten longer on top of what I got from Kellen–Kellen’s are silvery and faded, but now I have red ones towards the top 😦  Boo.  I know I felt this way with Kellen, but I for sure don’t think I will ever wear a 2-piece bathing suit again.  Plus I have my scars from getting my gallbladder out.  ::sigh::  The things we do to have children.

Weight gain?: Up 18lbs total

Best thing that happened this week?:  I had a newborn photo shoot yesterday–my first since purchasing an online workshop.  I have for sure improved and I’m excited to do Laura’s son, Jacob when he arrives in the next week or so, and then do Raelee’s 🙂  I’ll probably do a few sessions with her for the practice.

Movement:  Still a decent amount, but more just her trying to move.  I don’t think there is much room for her to kick anymore.

Any baby-related purchases this week?:  Nope

Nursery progress:  None

Milestones reached?:  35/35

What size is the baby?:  A coconut…?  Hmm, every coconut I’ve seen is fairly small.  I’m pretty sure she is much bigger than that.

Belly picture:  I am huge!  I was looking at pictures when I was pregnant with Kellen, and I might possibly have been this big at the very end, but I wonder if I’m bigger this time completely.  It’s weird because my weight gain is the same….



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