Kellen is in her 20s!

Months that is 🙂  Can’t believe she will be 2 in 4 months!  Wow.  I actually called and reserved the space for her birthday party since I know it fills up fast.  We will be having the party at a great pizza place in town on the Sunday after her Birthday.

I haven’t been weighing her lately so I don’t actually know her stats.  Here are her 19 and 20 month pictures.

We only have one more week of our Monday dance classes left and then there is a very long break through the summer.  But the instructor, Ms. Lindsey, owns her own studio and has a class on Mondays at 11am so Laura and I signed up for those.  They start July 15th, which is only a little over a week after my due date, but John will be off work for at least 4 weeks so he can help out with Kellen’s activities.  I plan on just wearing Raelee in the Moby or Ergo.  John and Kellen are still enjoying Gymnastics class.  It is a really good workout though!  John picked up a shift on a Friday a month or so ago so I took Kellen and it was really hard for me!  Mostly just because I am pregnant and bending over and lifting her for almost 45min non-stop is hard!  I told John I wouldn’t be able to do it anymore while pregnant.  Laura is pregnant and due 4 weeks before me and she now has her husband doing the class with Julia too 🙂  Kellen still loves swimming lessons–I’ll be bummed that we will have to take a couple months off.  I will stay signed up through the beginning of August because John should be able to take her, but after that, we will take a break.  I’m not comfortable with putting Raelee in the daycare until at the earliest 2 months old after she gets her vaccinations.  And depending on how she is doing, I might not at that point either.  Once I am, I will put her in the daycare at the YMCA and take Kellen to the classes. Once Raelee is 6 months old, I will take her to classes one day a week and Kellen the other day of the week so each of them will spend an hour or so at the daycare once a week.  I think Kellen will really enjoy it–when we walk to the locker room, we pass the daycare’s outdoor area and she always stops and points to the balls and the slide and yells out what they are.  I think she wants to play out there 🙂  Playgroup is going strong and we are all excited for the nicer weather so we can take the kids to the park to run off some steam 🙂  She loves visiting the ducks at the park–she just squeals with excitement!


Naps are now from around 2-4pm every day.  Sometimes she’ll sleep a little less and sometimes even up to 3-3.5 hours!  Bedtime has moved a little later too–she was back to waking up at 6am with her 8pm bedtime and it’s so hard for me to function with getting up that early!  So we pushed it back to a 9pm bedtime and she sleeps close to 7am.  A couple weeks ago we transitioned her to her toddler bed!  And she got her new big girl room furniture.  At first we just moved all the furniture in and put it where we wanted it.  With that, the crib/bed needed to be on the opposite wall, so we moved her crib over there and she was not a fan!  She acted scared every time we put her in it 😦  We had her crib over there for a week and then brought the toddler bed in.  It seems like with every transition we have gone through with Kellen besides weaning, she has had a really hard time with the change and it was always a week or two of hell.  So I fully expected the worst with the toddler bed transition.  Much to our surprise, Kellen has been a rock star in her bed!  One time last week she woke up about an hour after she fell asleep for the night and she was screaming and got out of the bed.  We think she had a bad dream so we went up there and calmed her down and then put her back in her bed.  Other than that, she has never left her bed once!  She sleeps great in it!  We are very proud 🙂


Her vocabulary is ever growing!  And she knows almost all of her letters now–we are working on them still and started working on numbers and colors.  She recognizes a few colors and numbers and can say a few of the numbers so far.  She is also trying to repeat almost everything I say to her and then ask her to say back to me.  She’s actually starting to communicate better what she wants or needs so it is helping me out a little too 🙂

She has started eating a little better but is still not doing very well with veggies or meat.  But it is nice that I can actually get her to eat more than a few bites per meal again.

She is really into drawing and coloring lately.  She loves to color in her coloring book, or write with chalk on her easel.  She has a couple magna doodles that she loves and we got her sidewalk chalk that she’s played with a couple times now.


With her getting closer to the age of 2, I guess tantrums naturally become part of the territory.  She’s had quite a few bad days where it seems like a non-stop tantrum.  I think she may be starting to work on her 2 year molars, but it is hard to say with them being so far back.  Yesterday she threw a couple tantrums for no real reason.  The first one she was hitting the arm of the recliner (I was sitting in it) and I was fine with the whole letting her frustrations out on inanimate objects.  But then she looked right at me and hit my arm!  I told her no and don’t hit mommy and she walked away.  Then later she was sitting with me on the recliner and wanting to climb all over me and she was basically stepping/kicking my belly and it hurt, so I was trying to get her to crawl on me in another way and she just started freaking out and then looked right at me again and hit me in the face 😦  I was very stern with her and said, “No!  You do not hit mommy!” and then sat her on the ground away from me.  She cried for a while and then climbed back into my lap.  I told her she needed to tell me sorry (she doesn’t know that word yet because we haven’t had a reason to teach it to her yet…) and to give me a hug and a kiss.  She said no and shook her head and just sat in my lap pouting.  Then a couple minutes later she snuggled up to me and said, “mama.”  She doesn’t say “I love you” yet, but I’m guessing that is what she meant 🙂  Little stinker.

So we have probably a little less than 2 months before Raelee arrives.  I think she will do pretty good with her arrival.  I had lunch with Robyn and Kristine the other day and Robyn had her 5 month old, Kinly, with her.  I held Kinly while she used the restroom and Kellen came up and was touching her feet and hands lightly and smiling and saying, “baby!”  It was very cute 🙂


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