She’s now closer to 2….

Kellen is 18 months old!  Can you believe it??  I can’t.  And she’s getting so so big!  I weighed her yesterday at home and will update next week with the Pedi’s measurements, but as of yesterday she was 23lbs 14oz which puts her in the 45th percentile!  She has come so far in growth since our little peanut was an infant and in the 11th percentile!

Update for stats!

Went to the Pedi today at 18m5d:

Weight: 23lbs15oz (45th%)

Height: 32″ (60th%!!!!)

Head: 18.5″ (63rd%)

Here are her 17 month pictures:

We started some new classes in January! On Mondays we now have a dance class–which is more just a little bit of dancing and a lot of running around climbing on stuff on mats 🙂 But I never got to do fun things like that as a kid, so I love that we can.  I asked another mom who took the class if it would be silly of me to buy leotards with tutus on them like girls wear to ballet–I just knew Kellen would look so so cute in them but didn’t want to look like some crazy stage mom :p  I guess tons of little girls did in her class, so I went and bought a couple.  The smallest size I could find was 2T so they are big on her, but mostly the sleeves and it is cold anyway, so I put a little cardigan on her.  Well, her and Julia, a little girl from MOMs group, are almost the only girls in the class!  There is one other girl and the rest are boys.  Julia and Kellen are the only ones in tutus.  But oh well–they look adorable 🙂

In February she started gymnastics on Fridays–so now we have an activity every day of the week.  I was going to keep Fridays open since John is off Fridays and that way we can just do whatever we want as a family, but then I thought how much fun it would be for John to do the class with Kellen.  They could have good one on one time and it would give me a little alone time for now and then when Raelee gets here, it will be good for just me and Raelee and for Kellen to get some individual attention.  John agreed 🙂  They’ve only had 2 classes so far, but it is a 45 minute class and the entire class is structured–always something to do.  No real free time.  The first class didn’t go too well.  We didn’t give her a snack beforehand since it was earlier than when we usually do, but with how long the class was, we should have and will from now on.  She was starving by the time it was done.  She whined a lot during the class.  I also think part of it was because I was there taking pictures.  She’s really attached to me–she loves her Dad, but she’s just not used to seeing me from a distance.  So I didn’t go to the last class, and John gave her a snack before it started and he said it went much better.  Kellen is also in this class with Julia and her mom Laura.  We actually see them every weekday now–Monday dance, Tues/Thurs swimming, Wednesday playgroup, Friday gymnastics 🙂

Her hair is a little bit longer–still somewhat mullet like.  But we can do pony tails now 🙂  Usually the front and sides fall out, but they still look really cute.  She’s back to letting me do her hair on most days again.


Playgroup has been going well–we have moved it to Wednesday mornings and it seems like more people can make it.  And it’s really cute because the kids are starting to interact with each other more.


Kellen has been napping later in the day which makes it nice.  She usually is asleep somewhere between 1 and 2pm.  On average she probably sleeps 1.5-2hrs but she still has some 45min naps.  The good thing though lately is after a short nap like that, she might only be cranky for 15/20 minutes and then she’s fine.  And since she’s napping later, it helps her not get super tired later because bed time isn’t that much farther away.  Because of her later naps we get out pretty early every morning–usually by 9am, and do all of our activities and errands before coming home for lunch and then nap.  Afternoons are spent with us playing and me trying to get some chores accomplished 🙂

Bedtime is fun time for her with John–he usually gets home from work while she is in the bath and then we read books and play in her room for about a half hour before bed.  She loves playing with her Dad 🙂


She talks so much!  She’s up to at least 30 words–she recognizes about 5 shapes and will say “Oval” and can say and recognize A, B, C (sometimes), D and E.  She also is starting to spell her name with a little help from me 🙂  She pronounces words much better now.  Her favorite word is still “Ball” and it is also her favorite toy.  But now she also says “Elmo!” all the time.  Her obsessions started with books and that is when she started saying his name.  John downloaded an Elmo movie for her for car rides and she really liked it.  I’ve tried putting on Sesame Street before and she doesn’t really want to watch it–except for Elmo’s World.  Now she asks to watch that movie every day!  And I have an Elmo app on my phone and anytime she sees my phone she asks for Elmo on there as well.  I bought her an Elmo shirt because Laura, Julia and us are going to see Sesame Street Live when they come to town in May!  We got 3rd row seats–Kellen is going to love it!

Next month we will be transitioning her to a toddler bed.  Right now it is set up in Raelee’s room and she crawls on it all the time and says “bed!”  I’m hoping it goes smoothly!

Food is still a challenge.  I can’t even rely on her getting vegetables anymore.  She used to eat lima beans all the time and zucchini.  But I haven’t been able to get her to eat them for weeks!  She pretty much just wants cheese all the time  :/  She’s liking fruit a little so I know she is getting some nutrients from there.  But pretty much everything else is a crap shoot.  And meat?  Yeah, forget that.  Ugh.

We are still having so much fun together–really enjoying these last few months of just the two of us.  We play a lot now where she is laughing a ton–tickling, chasing, and hiding.  She loves playing 🙂  The weather is starting to get a little nicer so we’ve been able to go outside here and there which is really nice.

In other news, I was looking back at my last blog post on Kellen and read how Coach Kelly decided to stay here to coach Oregon Football.  Well, he decided to actually leave and go coach for the Eagles in the NFL  😦  Sad to see him go, but I understand–it’s business.  Also, at the end of January my Great Aunt Shirley passed away 😦  I was very upset and sad over it.  But I know she is now no longer suffering.  I miss her, but hope to see her again someday.

Aunt Shirley and I

Aunt Shirley and I

With all my sisters

With all my sisters


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