19 weeks! #2

Symptoms?:  Same stuff 🙂

Weight gain?: Up 6 pounds total

Best thing that happened this week?:   Probably John feeling Raelee kick (see below)

Movement:  Yep! She’s moving a lot actually! John felt her kick for the first time last night 🙂 I was surprised with how strong she is kicking. It also could just seem a lot stronger and more with Raelee than Kellen since I had an anterior placenta with Kellen.

Any baby-related purchases this week?:  Nope, I don’t believe so. Oh wait, I bought a doppler 🙂 I had borrowed one from a friend but needed to get it back to her, and I was having a little anxiety on how I was going to handle the rest of this pregnancy (and maybe even a subsequent one if we decide to try again). But Groupon had a great deal on one so I bought it. I figure I can sell it after we are done having kids.

Milestones reached?:  Nope

What size is the baby?:  A mango

Belly picture:  I didn’t take my normal one again this week–we were busy running errands and I forgot!  I will this week 🙂



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