18 weeks brings the Anatomy Scan! #2

We had our anatomy scan yesterday and baby was face down nestled into my placenta the entire time and would not move!  Little stinker.  Everything looked great–measuring a week ahead and weighing 9oz.  The tech couldn’t get a good look at the heart though, so I’m guessing we will have to go back.  We don’t see Dr. B until Wednesday and will know more at that point.  We had the tech write down the sex in an envelope with a picture so that we could go home and do the reveal I had planned.  Lindsey was watching Kellen at our house, so when we got there, we gave Lindsey the envelope and she filled a pull piñata I made with the right color confetti.  Then we hung it up outside, I set up my camera, and had Lindsey click away.

It’s a…..


GIRL!!!  Raelee Maurine Chess 🙂  The story behind her name: Rae is my middle name. Lee is my brother, Jerome’s middle name. It’s also Tanya’s middle name and part of Lea’s first name (LeeAnn). And Maurine is Lindsey’s middle name.

We are giving Kellen the amazing gift of a sister, so honoring my sisters is perfect. Sisters are amazing 🙂 They will have so much fun together!

Symptoms?:  Nothing really new 🙂

Weight gain?: Up 5 pounds total

Best thing that happened this week?:  Finding out we are having another healthy little girl 🙂

Movement:  Yep, feel her moving every day–it’s great!

Any baby-related purchases this week?:  I got a breathable bumper for the crib, and Carter’s is having a big sale so I bought some Newborn size clothes.  It is really the only size that we are a little low on because everyone told us not to buy a lot of newborn sized stuff because babies don’t fit in them for very long.  But Kellen wore her’s for 2 months!  I also got her take-home outfit 🙂

Screen Shot 2013-02-02 at 7.38.20 PM

and bought Kellen a shirt to wear when Raelee arrives 🙂

Screen Shot 2013-02-02 at 7.39.19 PM

Today we went to Ikea to get Kellen some bookshelves for her Big Girl room.  All the nursery furniture will go into Raelee’s room, so Kellen gets new furniture.  We also got her a couple toys and storage baskets and I found some frames for some decor for the walls in Raelee’s room.  We also found this perfect lamp for her room!

Screen Shot 2013-02-02 at 7.44.24 PM

Nursery progress:  Nothing actually done to the room.  I’m in the process of working with someone on Etsy to make some custom bedding.  I found a nursery on Pinterest that I love and of course couldn’t find the bedding because the woman made it all herself 🙂  So since we are saving money on baby things because of having another girl, I’m spending a little extra on her nursery decor 🙂  This is my inspiration for her nursery (click on the photo to take you to the blog).

Her crib sheet will be coral chevron, the bedskirt with be the 3-tiered ruffle but in aqua, and the chevron quilt will be aqua and coral alternating chevron with yellow flower fabric border and backing.  The changing pad cover will be the floral yellow fabric, and the curtain panels will be coral chevron.  We are going to paint the walls a very light aqua.  No real theme (like this nursery was hot air balloons), more just the colors.  I’m excited to get it started!

Milestones reached?:  Our Anatomy Scan

What size is the baby?:  A sweet potato (though the scan showed her measuring much bigger)

Belly picture:  I didn’t take a normal one since we did our gender reveal pictures, so here is one in the mirror 🙂



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