17 weeks #2

Symptoms?:  Pretty much the same–tired, hip pain…

Weight gain?: Up 4 pounds total

Best thing that happened this week?:  Kellen has been learning so many new words–we’ve been having fun 🙂

Movement:  I’ve been feeling it more consistently this past week so that’s good 🙂

Any baby-related purchases this week?:  Yeah, quite a few actually 🙂  We got another sound machine and we also learned that we are getting a decent tax return this year so John bought some electronic stuff he’s been wanting and I started satisfying my new obsession 🙂  Ju Ju Be bags!  My favorite print is Cobalt Blossoms, which of course is discontinued, so the items aren’t easy to find.  I joined a Facebook group for buy/sell/trade of JJB bags and accessories and someone was actually selling the bag I want in it!  I’m getting a Be Prepared bag, which is their biggest bag.  I’m a confessed overpacker, I use the diaper bag as also a purse, and there is no way my current Coach diaper bag will accommodate 2 under 2 (especially since they will both be in diapers.), so Be Prepared it is!  I also got 2 Be Quicks which are pouches to help organize the inside, a Paci Pod, a Be Neat (bib), and a Fuel Cell (insulated bag for food/bottles).  I can’t wait to get everything in the mail!

Be Prepared

Be Quick

Paci Pod

Be Neat

Fuel Cell

Nursery progress:  I’m adding this one this week because we started removing the Oregon wallpaper border in the baby’s room.  Now we have some holes to patch and then primer.  Once we find out the sex next week we will will get primer and paint and start the whole process 🙂  I have ideas for what I want for each sex, but I’ll share when we know.

Milestones reached?:  Not really…

What size is the baby?:  An onion

Belly picture:



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