4 months #2

I’m getting really excited for our anatomy scan.  I talked to John about doing something fun though–mostly for cute picture purposes.  We are going to look away when the tech looks for the gender and have her write it and put the pics in an envelope.  Lindsey is hopefully watching Kellen while we are at the appt so when we get home, we will give her the envelope.  I made a pull string piñata and cut up a bunch of blue and pink confetti.  She’ll put the right color in and then John, Kellen and I will each get a string to pull and then confetti will come out to tell us what we are having.  And I’ll set my camera up for Lindsey to take pictures 🙂  I think it will be fun!  John was doubting that I could wait, but it will only be an hour or so.  I think it will be worth it!

With Kellen I was pretty sure she was a girl early on.  And then I knew for sure she was a few weeks before our anatomy scan.  This time around I haven’t been sure but when I find myself thinking about the baby in the last couple days, I think of it being a boy.  So I think I’m thinking it is a boy….  We will see!

Symptoms?:  Same as last week. Oh, and I’ve been having hip pain off and on since my BFP. Mostly in my right hip and hurts the most when I’m going to bed. Boo.

Weight gain?: Forgot to weigh myself again! I will soon 🙂

Best thing that happened this week?:  Hmm, I guess Kellen has been napping well so I’ve had time to myself to relax.

Movement:  Just little tiny ones still. Nothing consistent. I’ll go days without feeling anything. Using the doppler every few days still.

Any baby-related purchases this week?:  Nope

Milestones reached?:  4 months

What size is the baby?:  An avocado

Belly picture:



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