2nd Trimester! #2

Yay for second trimester!  Well, I guess officially it is tomorrow, but close enough 🙂  I called the MFM this past week because I forgot to ask them what the gestational age of the baby was at the NT Scan.  They just told me 3in and everything I read said that was the size of a 13w fetus but I was only 11w5d so I wanted to make sure.  I guess it measured 12w4d….::gulp::  I wonder if that means I won’t have a peanut this time around??

Symptoms?:  Pretty close to the same–I have had some morning nausea back again but nothing too horrible. Though I did think I was going to hurl the other day when Kellen had her morning poop. I had to have John help me before he went to work.

Weight gain?:  Still up 2lbs total.

Best thing that happened this week?:  Christmas was great with Kellen 🙂 She really enjoyed opening presents and playing with them this year.

Any baby-related purchases this week?:  Actually, yes. I’ve been doing a ton of research on double strollers and it seems like all the ones that have good reviews for the features that are important to me are over $500! I am not spending that much! So I had it narrowed down to 2 strollers that I liked and found one of them on Ebay for $280 and it’s normal retail is $500! I put the minimum bid and I won! Woot woot! So we are the proud new owners of a Zooper Tango double stroller. We should get it later this week or early next. I’m excited! Hope it is as great as all the reviews make it out to be.

Milestones reached?:  2nd Tri!

What size is the baby?:  A peach

Belly picture:  Don’t mind the wet hair :p



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