12 weeks! #2

Almost to 2nd Trimester!  Wow!  This pregnancy is going by so much quicker than Kellen’s, which is a great thing 🙂  But at the same time, I am enjoying the last few months that I have of just Kellen and I.  It is very bittersweet.  I’m so excited to meet this new baby, but I love the time Kellen and I have.  It will be quite an adjustment I think, but I’m sure we will all handle it well 🙂

We had our NT Scan this past Wednesday.  It went perfect!  First thing she showed us was your heart beating at 163 bpm, then the 2 halves of the brain, 2 arms, 2 legs, a nasal bone and the NT fold measured at 1.1 (they want less than 3).  Was measuring about 3 inches from crown to rump but I forgot to ask the gestational age–from everything I have read, that is closer to a 13w fetus and I was 11w5d at the scan.  I think I will call and ask.  I also forgot to ask about where my placenta was–I’m hoping it is not anterior like last time.  The baby was pretty chill in there–I remember Kellen was squirming all over the place.  And s/he was sitting cross legged so the tech couldn’t take a guess at the gender, though we know it would have been a complete guess.  We wouldn’t have painted any nursery walls or anything 🙂  I do have a feeling it is a girl though.  John and I are trying to come up with a girl name and we have a couple that we like but none that we love.  Though one of them is growing on me 🙂  We will have our Anatomy Scan at 18w so around the 1st of February.  That is also Jerome’s birthday–with Kellen, we found out her gender the day before Jerome’s death anniversary.  It is nice to have something positive to look forward to around those days–sometimes it is hard.

After the NT scan, we announced on Facebook with these pictures:

Announcement Cover.001 EPSON MFP image EPSON MFP image

Of course people are so happy and excited for our family 🙂

Symptoms?:  Pretty tame right now besides being tired all the time.  I get headaches now lately when I’m really tired so that kinda sucks.  I can’t eat very much which is a bummer–I miss eating!

Weight gain?:  Up 2lbs total.

Best thing that happened this week?:  Great NT Scan and telling the world 🙂

Any baby-related purchases this week?:  No

Milestones reached?:  NT Scan

What size is the baby?:  A plum

Belly picture:  It’s getting bigger!  So much sooner than with Kellen!



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