11 week #2

Had my monthly OB appointment this past Thursday.  Just a doppler check and then the OB blood panel.  Dr. B said we might not be able to find the hb but I told him I found it at home since 8w3d and he found Kellen’s at 9w1d.  We think my tilted uterus is helping in that area.  I also had an anterior placenta with Kellen but I still felt movement around 14w (but didn’t know for sure until about 16w) so it must be tilted more towards the outside.  So that’s good 🙂  If I had to have a tilted ute, this would be the way I would want it.  Also met with the billing department to set up payments and we hardly will owe anything to Dr. B outside of our deductible.  So that’s nice 🙂  Of course we will have to pay for the hospital but hopefully no anesthesiologist this time.  And hopefully no NICU stay and out within 48 hours or less 🙂  I feel like I didn’t mind staying in the hospital last time–the extra help and relaxing was nice.  But this time I’m sure I will want to get home ASAP to be with Kellen.  I’m guessing my dad will probably come down and stay with Kellen while we are at the hospital.

My 30th Birthday was this last Tuesday and the weekend before it, John booked us a limo Christmas light tour 🙂  We brought our friends Chris & Emily and Laura & Ross.  It was a lot of fun!  And then John took me to Mazzi’s for dinner on my actual birthday.  It was very nice 🙂

Symptoms?:  All around I’m doing much better 🙂 I’m not really bloated anymore, my nausea and upset stomach is pretty much gone.  I’m just tired most of the time, but even that is getting a little better!

Weight gain?: Well, I’m back to pre-pg weight….so I’m guessing the 5 or so pounds I gained was bloat and I lost it in the last couple weeks.

Best thing that happened this week?:  Birthday celebrations

Any baby-related purchases this week?:  No

Milestones reached?:  I guess hearing the hb at the doctor’s.

What size is the baby?:  A lime!  That seems so much bigger than last week!

Belly picture:  I didn’t take one….oops :/


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