Double digit weeks :) #2

Yay!  Now in double digit weeks!  Only a few more weeks until we are out of the first trimester, but I’m feeling pretty good about this pregnancy.  I find the heartbeat a lot on the doppler so that for sure makes me feel better.

Symptoms?:  My nausea has pretty much gone away in the last few days.  It’s about the same time that it went away with Kellen so I’m hoping that is the case this time.  I also started trying a Unisom and B6 combination (I actually already take the B6 for my MTHFR) so maybe it is that helping–we will see.  Otherwise I am still tired but it seems to be a little better.

Weight gain?: I forgot to weigh this morning–I will update soon 🙂

Best thing that happened this week?:  Feeling better!

Any baby-related purchases this week?:  Nope

Milestones reached?:  Double digits for weeks!

What size is the baby?:  A prune

Belly picture:


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