We have a baby in there :) #2

So I was 6 weeks on Friday and had our first ultrasound and OB appt today.  John had to work and couldn’t get anyone to cover 😦  So Lindsey came with me for moral support and to help with Kellen.  I’m 6w3d today and the baby measured 6w5d with a heart rate of 127!  Yay!  So it looks great!  I ovulated from my right ovary, which I knew, and the yolk sac looks good.

Dr. B said to go back to the vitamin regimin I was on before so I will be back to 100mg of B6, 250mcg of B12, 4mg of Folic Acid, 81mg baby aspirin, and my prenatal vitamin.  Plus the Zofran I got this past week to help with my nausea and Colace to help with my constipation (thanks Zofran). I scheduled my NT Scan for a couple days before I’m 12w on 12/19 so we are hoping to announce shortly after.  I plan on doing a photo shoot with Kellen in a shirt that announces and then sending those pictures to family and then putting it on Facebook, as long as the NT scan goes well.  He wants me to wait to get my flu shot until my next appt at almost 11w so I’m closer to my 2nd Trimester.

Symptoms?:  Still super bloated and super tired.  Nausea was pretty bad this past week and now I have major constipation.  Woohoo.

Weight gain?: Yikes–I’m up 10lbs from my pre-pg weight with Kellen.  But I think I was already probably 5lbs or more up from that before getting this BFP.  So we will say 3lbs for now 🙂

Best thing that happened this week?:  The ultrasound today!

Any baby-related purchases this week?:  Just bought the shirt for Kellen to wear to annouce.

Milestones reached?:  Seeing a heartbeat!

What size is the baby?:  A sweet pea

Belly picture:


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