Wow! 14 months old :)

I know, I know–I’ve slacked the last couple months on updating the blog.  Kellen’s birthday party was the beginning of a very busy few months for us!  With football starting, a trip to Nebraska, a trip to Vegas and now the holidays approaching.  I also have had photo shoots almost every weekend so that is going well!  I’ve even been paid for a couple of my sessions and have more paid sessions coming up 🙂  So this post is going to be long–fair warning 🙂

Well, month 13 was great–as they all are 🙂  She was up to the 24th percentile for weight (came in at 20lbs 1oz at 13m)!

She is still in the 24th percentile for weight for 14 months weighing in at 20lbs 11oz.

Her and I did a solo trip down to Medford right after her birthday party so I could take my new niece’s newborn pictures.  She was born the day before Kellen’s birthday!  And she is absolutely stunning!  We are all going down there the weekend after Thanksgiving to visit again.  I haven’t seen Inara since those pictures and from her newest pictures on Facebook that Larissa posts, I can tell she’s getting so big and changing already!  John has to work the day before and the day after Thanksgiving so we were just going to stay home, but then I got sad thinking about not being around any family for Turkey Day so we decided to go down there.  John said his only condition was that we watch the Civil War 🙂  And it’s great because everyone is just going to wait to do their Thanksgiving until we are there, so they don’t have to cook more than one big dinner.  Anyway, here are some pictures of Inara 🙂

We left for Nebraska the last week of September.  Kellen did okay….some of the flights she would sleep and some she wouldn’t….so she would scream.  It was tough.  But we made it.  She had such a fun time while we are there.  On our trip there, we had a long layover in MN so we actually met up with 3 moms that were on TTCAL with me and their babies–we all had babies in the Summer of 2011.  It was so great to meet them and their babies!  She stayed at John’s parents for a few nights while we stayed at his sister’s in Lincoln.  She had a ton of fun playing with her cousins.  I loved her being able to be around family–I really wish we had more family here where we are 😦  We took her to the Children’s Museum in Lincoln and she loved running all over the place with Dani and Jacob, her cousins.  John and I went to the Nebraska game on Saturday with all his friends from Omaha, his brother, and his nephew.  We had a blast!  Kellen enjoyed trying all of our favorite foods there also!  We made sure to go to Runza, Valentino’s and Pepperjax 2 times each.  Ah, we were in heaven!  In Omaha, we stayed with Joe and Angie and their youngest child is just a couple weeks younger than Kellen so they had a ton of fun together.  We went to the Omaha Zoo and I met up with another Bump friend and her daughter (also were on TTCAL together and her daughter was born in Summer 2011).  Of course had a ton of fun there as well.

My Bump friends!

Game Day!

The whole fam!


Picture fail 🙂

Another Bump friend!

A couple weeks after getting back, Kellen went down to Medford to stay with my dad and Karen, and we went to Vegas with our BFFs, Chris and Emily.  It was Emily’s 30th birthday weekend.  We had a ton of fun!  We stayed at the Treasure Island and I highly recommend it!  We didn’t do anything too crazy.  Emily had never been so we did quite a bit of sightseeing.  We gambled a little, ate a ton of great food, hung out at the pool and went to a comedy show.  I think I did really well with being away from Kellen (prior I had only been away from her for 1 night at a time).  We went Friday through Monday and by Sunday afternoon I was really missing her but we left early Monday morning and my dad picked us up from the airport with her 🙂

Halloween was a lot of fun!  We went to Lonepine farms a few times in the last couple months.  So crazy to think about how small she was last year when we went!  We had fun picking out pumpkins at the kid’s pumpkin patch 🙂  We went to the mall again on Halloween evening with Chris, Emily and Tyler and then John and I took her to a couple of the neighbors.  She didn’t eat any candy, but had a good haul 🙂  I loved her costume!

Her hair has gotten so much longer!  I can give her real pigtails pretty much–they don’t look so much like antennae anymore 🙂  She’s really good about letting me do it also.

She can climb up and down stairs really well now!  That’s actually something she picked up in Nebraska.  She learned how to scooch down at John’s parents house and then we also worked on her going down backwards when we are at Joe and Angie’s since that is what they taught Bryant to do.  It is so much easier now to not worry about the steps as much.  I know she can still fall, but it is less likely now.

Her eating has really slowed down which her Pediatrician says is normal because at this age toddlers don’t grow as fast as they were when they were babies.  And she seems to be more picky.  She refuses food a lot now 😦  She gets it from her father.  She likes pretty much anything with cheese, still loves lima beans, really loves zucchini.  Sadly, our breastfeeding days were done about a week after she turned one 😦  Well, I am the sad one.  She doesn’t miss it.  She probably could’ve been done much sooner, but I kept trying because I would have loved to nurse her until she was closer to 2 since there are so many nutritional benefits.  I had a really hard time the first night I didn’t nurse her before bed….I felt like she didn’t need me anymore 😦  But it only took a few days and we both feel good about it now.

She throws everything now.  Not to be mean, she just likes to do it.  And just the last couple days she started kicking her balls around too 🙂  Her dad is pretty excited about her athletic potential 🙂  She loves to run–we chase her and she chases us.  She’s not super fast–I still can catch her pretty easily.  She started walking backwards lately–usually to back up to her chair or us to sit down.  And she tries to on her potty but she usually needs some guidance.

She has started to show a little bit of “bratiness” I guess you could call it.  Sometimes when she’s tired, she hits me in the face and I’ll tell her no and that it hurts, and then she laughs.  Oh man….it is starting!  Other than that, she hasn’t really done anything too bad.  She hasn’t thrown a real tantrum yet, but she does start crying when she doesn’t get her way sometimes.  She’s obsessed with our phones, laptops and iPad and if she sees them and we don’t let her play with them (which we haven’t as much lately) she freaks.  She also really loves these new books we got her–Dog, Cat, Moo and Heads.  We hide them in her room now because she would tear them apart if she got ahold of them.  But she knows where they are and she gets upset if we don’t pull them out for her.

She is very sweet the majority of the time.  If I ask for a hug, she will lean her head on my shoulder and she will do it to Sampsonite and John as well.  She also will hug some of her stuffed animals/dolls.  And if I ask for a kiss, most of the time she just leans her forehead or cheek into my mouth so I can kiss her, but every now and then I’ll get a kiss from her.   Aw!  Melts my heart every time!  She loves Sampsonite lately!  I think mostly because he is the only animal in the house that really lets her be next to them 🙂

She is starting to repeat words pretty quickly after me saying them, but it does depend on the word.  She said swing (sounded more like siii) when we were at the park the other day.  She says shoes (seew), cheese (cheee), bye bye (not sure how to describe how she says it!), night night (ni ni), oh no and done (clear as day!) and down (which she uses for numerous things–it is kind of like her “that?”  She says it when she points at things and is wanting us to say what it is.)  She also can point out so many things in books!  Even books we don’t read that much.  Like for example, one of her bath books we read a lot and it has a frog in it.  We were looking at another book a couple days ago and I asked her for the first time where the frog on the page was and she pointed right to it (I’ve tried a few times since and she still does) even though it is a completely different looking frog.  She also will turn to certain pages in some of her favorite books and say the words that are on that page (Oh no!, mama, night night).  She follows simple commands as well–put it away, bring it to Mommy, can I have that?, sit down, stand up, jump, dance, bring me your [insert toy here].

She sleeps pretty much from about 8:15pm to about 6-6:30am every night and she was going back and forth on taking only one nap a day but lately she’s been back to 2 naps.  I think it is because she is working on all 4 of her canines right now–after those she will only have 4 more baby teeth and those are the 2yr molars (she has 12 teeth now and soon to be 16 once those canines finally pop through!  These are by far the worst teeth we’ve dealt with.)!  I’m hoping we get a little break between now and then–it seems like she has been teething non-stop since 5m.  So she naps around 10-noon and then usually a short nap around 4:30 in the afternoon (30-45min).

She has gone pee in her potty 4 times since her we got it right before her birthday!  I think they are all complete coincidences, but we make a huge deal out of it, so hopefully she ends up getting it 🙂  She of course has had many accidents on the carpet as well though.  We just let her walk around naked for a while after bath.  Needless to say, I have been cleaning the carpets more lately.

Like father like daughter 🙂

Football season is going great!  I can’t believe we only have one more home game!  Such a quick season!  We are currently ranked number 2 in the BCS (though most other polls have us ranked number 2 like it should be).  We have a great chance of going to the Rose Bowl again this year and maybe even the National Championship!  Kellen has come to most of the tailgaters and then either goes home with Lindsey or with Chris and Emily.  She hasn’t stayed in the trailer during any of the games this year.  But she has a good time at the tailgaters.

Well, I think that gets us caught up for now!  I’m for sure going to try to keep up on once a month so I don’t have to remember so far back :p


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