4 weeks with #2

We are having a good day 🙂  I haven’t had much cramping or nausea and I got my beta draw final results back today 🙂

11dpo–126.6, progesterone 23.54 (10 or up is good!)

13dpo–306.7!!  A doubling time of 36 hours 🙂  The goal is for the numbers to double in 48 hours, so it is looking good!  I have an ultrasound scheduled 2 weeks from Monday when LO will be 6w3d.  John is working every day that week so I don’t think he will be able to go with me.  😦  Hopefully I see a bean measuring on track and with a good heartbeat!  I really don’t want to deal with bad news when I have Kellen and when I’m by myself.  But surprisingly, I’m feeling pretty good about this.  I have a much more positive outlook than a few days ago–I think it is starting to sink in that I might have 2 live children soon!  Eeek!

I think this is how I’m going to do belly pictures this time around.  Maybe not the number theme each week but with some sort of text on the wall in our bedroom.  My week change day is Friday so I can have John help me take them most weeks since he doesn’t work.  This one I took by myself and it was a little difficult.  I don’t have many blank walls and needed to take some pictures off the wall but didn’t have room for a tripod so I had an interesting set up 🙂

I’ll come up with a questionnaire to fill out weekly as well.  But as far as symptoms, I’m just had nausea off and on and some cramping which has pretty much gone away as of today.  And I’ve been super bloated!  I’m curious how long I will be able to hide it this time.  I still have some extra flab on my belly from Kellen and they say you show sooner with your 2nd+ pregnancies…..

First ultrasound is scheduled for 9/12/13–I’ll be 6w3d. Ugh, I hope I can keep busy because that seems like so far away! I’m really hoping to somewhat enjoy this pregnancy and along with that, I hope it goes a little faster than Kellen’s 🙂


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