Kellen’s Party

I posted about Kellen’s party with a bunch of pictures on my photography blog, so I will just link to it here as well 🙂

I couldn’t have pulled this party off without help from my sister, Tanya, designing all of the party printables.  I absolutely loved how I told her I wanted a girly rainbow theme and she came up with exactly what I wanted!  Here is her invite 🙂

My other sisters, Lea and Lindsey were a great help as well.  They helped prep the food, decorate, and look after Kellen so I could get things done.  My mom also made it into town and helped a lot with these things also.  And of course John helped me a ton!

We had a great turnout.  There were about 40 people and it was so great to see that so many people loved Kellen enough to be there for her 1st Birthday.  She had a ton of fun watching all the bigger kids play.  And she really enjoyed her cake!  She kinda just poked at it a couple times and licked her fingers.  She then put her hand in some more and then I took her hand and squished it into the top of the cake.  That kind of got her into it some more, but then she decided that eating cake with hands and fingers was just a waste of time, so she just put her mouth right on the cake and started gnawing right on it.  She worked on her cake for a good 20-30 minutes!  Everyone was cracking up 🙂

I worked on prepping for her party quite a bit in advance.  Pinterest was my best friend for ideas and DIY stuff.  I made the tissue poms that hung above the cake table, the yarn poms on top of her smash cake, the coloring pages of Kellen, the favors, the fingerprint guest “book”, and of course assembled all the printables.  It was a ton of work, but I loved how it all turned out.  I know Kellen will not remember all the work I put into the party or how the party went, but there will be pictures!  And I really feel like the 1st Birthday party is for the parents.  To celebrate the first year of their child’s life and surviving it!

Thank you to everyone who helped and attended Kellen’s party.  And thank you to everyone who has been a positive person in her short life so far 🙂

We just got home from being in Nebraska for the last week and we have friends in town for the Udub game that is at Autzen tomorrow.  And then I have 2 photo sessions scheduled Sunday and one on Monday, so I will post Kellen’s 13 month post soon but probably not until Monday or Tuesday.



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