A letter to my toddler

My beautiful Kellen Ann:

I can’t believe it. You are a toddler. This year has flown by so quickly like everyone told me it would.  But at the same time it is absolutely impossible to think of life without you–I can hardly remember what it used to be like.  You are my number 1 priority and I am constantly thinking about you.  People thought I would get bored being a Stay at Home Mom but you keep me very busy!  I have enjoyed every second of being with you!

One year ago you made your dad and I the happiest we have ever been. You were wanted so much before you were conceived, we loved you so much already when you were in my womb, and the moment we laid eyes on you was the moment we began not being able to live without you. You are our everything.  All the wishing, hoping, waiting and pain seem meaningless now that we have you in our lives.  If it meant that we couldn’t have you if we didn’t go through all of that, I would do it over and over again to bring us to where we are now.

Even when you were born a year ago, we knew you were so special.  You were born and didn’t let out a cry.  They wanted to make sure you were okay so they took you to a room to examine you.  Your dad and your Aunt Lindsey went with you and you were just looking all over and taking in everything you could.  You were so alert and so curious.  You finally cried, showed them you were perfectly healthy and then while cuddling with me, you lifted your head up off my chest numerous times.  You were so strong.  You were never a sleepy baby and didn’t like spending too much time doing boring things like nursing–you stressed me out so much with your slow weight gain.  You wanted to look around.  You wanted to take it all in all the time.  We could tell early on that you were going to walk early.  It was like you already knew you had an important job of walking down the aisle for Aunt Lindsey’s wedding when you were just a mere 9 months old.  And like both your mom and your dad, you were determined to do it.  And you did!

You are such a funny little girl.  You aren’t much of a laugher but you smile all the time.  The faces you make crack us up all the time!  You are so full of humor and have such a personality already.  You are so proud of yourself when you learn a new skill.  You love to feed Daisy your food 🙂  You talk and talk and talk–I’m pretty sure you got that from me.  You already know 7 words that we are sure of–Mama, Dada, Daisy, Hi, No, Roar, and Yes (the last two are brand new!).  You love to dance, which it can be argued that you got that from both of us, though I hope you got more of my rhythm than your dad’s :p  You love pointing out your body parts–you already know 9 (Toes, foot, leg, belly, arm, teeth, nose, eye, head).  You love crawling up the stairs and crawling into your chairs and into your bear’s lap.  You love Goldfish and watermelon.  You still nurse, but I don’t think you love it anymore.  Though you do try to crawl in my lap at night before bed when you know it is nursing time (and you get a big smile on your face as you lay on the Boppy in my lap waiting for your dad to give you a kiss goodnight).  You love drinking cow’s milk out of your sippy cup though.

Your first Scandinavian Festival!

Working out with Dad

Your favorite TV show (yes, you get to watch a little TV in the morning and sometimes if you are really fussy) is The Notekins on Baby First TV–another way that shows us how much you love music.  You get so excited when the opening song comes on and you let out a little yell.  You also like Sesame Street but Elmo is by far your favorite part of the show.  You get to watch that when I’m trying to put your hair in those itty bitty pigtails 🙂  You know so many songs and when someone starts to sing, you will do the motions.  Especially the Hokey Pokey (you’ll even do it without hearing the song), but you also love to do Patty Cake, If You’re Happy and You Know It, Wheels on the Bus, and Pop Goes the Weasel.

You love to crawl all over Dad and I when we are laying down and also all over the couch and bed.  You roll all over and like to stand on your head–you will be doing somersaults soon!

The Bootcamp Mascot

You’ve started panting like a dog much more lately–especially since we went down to Medford for your cousin Savannah’s birthday party and you were around Grandpa’s dog, Woof a lot.  You love big dogs!  He even knocked you over a couple times and you just get up and laugh 🙂

You still love your Sounds book, but your new favorites are the personalized Are You a Cow? (where you shake your head “no” every time you see the book) and The Three Little Mermaids (we think you mostly just like the activities in it).  Before naps and bedtime, you get to wander around your bedroom for a while to play, but you almost always just want to pull every book off your shelf and flip through it.  You are a page flipper either by yourself or when someone else is reading to you.  We have to read fast!  And if I tell you to bring Mommy a book, you will pick one out and bring it to me and lift your arms so I can put you in my lap.  I love it!  🙂

You love balls and have them in all different sizes.  You mostly just carry them around, but you will throw them a little bit.  Your Aunt Lea got you a big ball and you carry it around all over and bang into things with it, which makes you fall and bounce all over 🙂  It is quite funny actually.  You like to climb the bottom stair over and over again, but since the baby gate blocks you, you can’t go higher.  You screech until someone gets you down because you haven’t figured out the dismount yet.

You love saying “Hi!” and waving!  When people say bye bye to you, you usually just stare and then when we walk away you will start waving 🙂  Little stinker.  We can’t go anywhere without at least 5 people physically stopping me so they can talk to you and tell us both how adorable you are.  Especially with your piggies–everyone loves your piggies and say how cute they are, but at the same time, we get teased for them because they look like little antennae.  You are a little flirt and will pretend to be shy a lot of times.  If you are walking you will just stop and look at the person near us, and either swing your arms around close to your body or put one of your arms up under your chin and tilt your head.  If you are being held by me, you’ll put your head on my shoulder and look at them through your beautiful long eyelashes.  I think you already know how beautiful you are 🙂

I can’t wait to see what the next year brings.  But try to slow down, little one.  Your mom and dad love you so and love taking in every single moment with you.



Here is a movie I made to show at your birthday party 🙂  I will write more later with party details.


12 month stats at the Pediatrician today:

Weight: 19lbs 8oz (23rd percentile)

Height: 28 3/4in (37th percentile)

Head: 18in (68th percentile)



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