Only 1 month left!

Of my baby being a baby!  😦    ::proceeds to sob in the corner::

I can’t believe she is 11 months old and it has almost been a year since the best day of my life.  I guess even though she is technically a toddler since she has been walking, I still have held on to her being a baby since she isn’t a year old yet.  One short month left.  Because it will fly by–they all do.  She weighs 18lbs8oz which puts her in the 19th percentile!

Our photo shoot went well this month because she was in a really good mood 🙂  We bought her an overstuffed chair from Ugly Sofa for her birthday present and had it in our room, but she found it and loves to play in it.  She can’t get in it herself–I think since she never crawled, she isn’t a climber.  But she has figured out how to get out 🙂

I also put her on the rocking horse that John and I got for my niece, Savannah, for her 1st Birthday.  Larissa and Damion are letting Kellen use it for now.  She loves it also.  And then I put her in the gingham skirt her Aunt Tanya got her when she was visiting and I was inspired to take her to the farm 🙂  I love how the pictures turned out this month!

As you can see from her stats, feeding is going very well!  At her 9m appointment, she was only in the 13th percentile!  She has done some major growing and it makes me very happy 🙂  She’s almost out of her 6-9m clothing.  I sometimes put her in her 9-12m clothes but will soon only be in them.  I have stopped breastfeeding her during the day–she has showed almost no interest at all in nursing during the day.  So I nurse her when she wakes up and before bed and it is going really well.  My body adjusted very easily and Kellen doesn’t seem to mind at all.  So I really believe it was the right thing to do.  Plus, I had over 200oz of frozen breastmilk in the freezer that I needed to use, so during the day I have been giving her a sippy cup of breastmilk.  The first week she barely drank any of it, but by the end of the 2nd week a few days ago, she is usually drinking 2 sippy cups of breastmilk a day (3-4oz each).  I didn’t want to use bottles because I didn’t want to have to break her from them later on.  This way it should make the transition of WCM (whole cow’s milk) very easy once she hits a year old.  She eats a ton of solids–her new favorite food has been zucchini that I sauté on the stove with garlic, olive oil or butter, and lemon juice.  I’m not used to cooking with butter, but Kellen needs the calories 🙂  I also cook her grilled cheese with whole wheat bread, unsalted butter, and cheese or a quesadilla with a wheat tortilla and cheese–she loves both of them.  Oh, and she’s a fan of mac and cheese also.  She also has gotten much better at eating meat lately and enjoys chicken and sometimes beef.  Besides zucchini, lima beans are still her favorite.  She drinks a ton of water throughout the day!   She at least finishes 2 6oz sippy cups a day.  I just leave one down at her level so she can drink it whenever she wants.

Naps are going well–she usually takes one at 9am and one around 2:30pm and on average naps for 1hr15min each.  Bedtime has been great–she used to wake me up at 5am to eat and then would go back down until 6:30 or so, but she has just been skipping that 5am wake-up and sleeping until 6:30 and sometimes even 7am!  I love that little bit of extra uninterrupted sleep 🙂

She’s been doing great at walking, but has had a few bad falls where she bruises her forehead pretty good and they turn into big bruised goose eggs 😦  Also skinned up her nose trying to step up a curb. I’m just glad she hasn’t broken skin and bled a lot yet, because I would probably lose it!  She’s trying to walk faster and does, but it usually results in her tripping over her own feet :/

She loves to “jump” lately–she bends her knees and straightens them really quick and does it on demand when we say “Jump!”  It’s adorable.  She of course doesn’t leave the ground at all, but she is pretty proud of herself.  Now that she stands up on her own all the time, she hardly ever whines unless she is tired.  It seems like the separation anxiety is gone and Bootcamp classes have been much easier.  She plays really well in the play area either by herself or when other kids are there.

She’s back on the saying Mama bandwagon all the time–she hardly ever says Dada.  But we do know that she is for sure saying Daisy (Deezee!) and she points at everything and says “Da.”  So not sure what that means, but it means something to her 🙂  She does most of her “tricks” on demand now.  When she hears anyone clapping, say the word “clap”, or say “Yay!”, she starts clapping.  And if you tell her hi or bye, she will wave.  Also, when you say “So big!” she puts both of her hands up in the air–she picked that one up only after me showing her a couple times 🙂  She’s so smart!  She will also bring us things now that she wants us to do something with.  She has bubble wands in her toy area and she will bring them to us and say “Ugh” and wait for us to blow some.  She also will bring us books to read to her and her favorite book has been Sounds–she wants us to read it over and over and she laughs with some of the sounds (the bee “buzz” especially).

So big!

She started using these Munchkin snack cups and got the hang of them very quickly….and then got the hang of taking the lid off very easily!  So needless to say, we don’t use them much anymore.  But I have some with a twist on lid ordered and hopefully will get those soon.  She also likes to try to feed Daisy her snacks.  Ugh, that dog is going to turn obese very quickly I have a feeling!

I got a tattoo this past month (and my nose pierced!).  I wanted pink script so it would be a little different and the heart has John’s initials inside.  I love it!  I pierced my nose because I have always wanted it done.  My dad wouldn’t let me before I turned 18 and by then I worked for Safeway and they didn’t allow them without a band-aid over it.  Which I was not going to do.  I always said when I stopped working there, I would get one.  I had some reservations at first since I’m almost 30 (gasp!) but I decided to go for it and glad I did 🙂

Kellen went on our friends’, Chris and Emily, boat for the first time this past month and then did again this last weekend.  She hated it at first because of the life jacket, but learned to really like it and when we went the other day, she was actually falling asleep in my lap while we were cruising around 🙂  We went swimming in the lake and it was her first time swimming not in a pool or tub.  I prefer other ways much more since this water seemed dirty–I like the chemical filled water much better :p

John’s parents were in town for a few days because John’s grandpa Harry (his mom’s dad) had his 90th Birthday celebration in Vacouver, WA and they wanted to go.  It was a great visit.  They spent a lot of quality time with Kellen and we spent a day in Florence which was a lot of fun also.  We will be going out to Nebraska the last week of September so it will be nice to see them and everyone else again.

She has started getting her 1st molar in which makes almost 9 teeth!  It was a couple of fussy days, but overall she has been handling it very well.  Her teeth erupt very slowly though.

I took her over to Chris and Emily’s a couple weekends ago to play with their almost 2 year old, Tyler.  He has this gigantic bear that they got from Costco.  They sold them last year around this time and I wanted to get one for Kellen but John wasn’t really into it.  Well, when Kellen saw Tyler’s, she fell in love!  So I convinced John she needed one.  I went to Costco and picked her out one and she loves him so much!  He is up in her bedroom and if we are downstairs and I walk towards the stairs and ask her if she wants to go see her bear, she walks over to me as quickly as she can and puts her arms up so I can carry her upstairs.  Once I reach the top, I put her down and she hurries into her room and gives him a huge hug.  It’s so adorable 🙂  Daisy is a fan also.

We’ve had a couple of our playgroups at Washington Spray and Play park.  The first time she didn’t really know what to think and wasn’t a fan of getting wet since the water is a little cold.  But this last time we went, she had so much fun and was going right through the water.

We started putting her in the bathtub last week.  She started spinning around in her duck tub and straightening out her legs and pushing on the sides.  She didn’t know what to think the first night, but now she loves all the room 🙂

In news on just me, I’ve decided to start a couple of professional ventures.  About a month ago, I launched a webpage and Facebook page promoting my photography and have spent this past month scheduling some photo shoots to build my portfolio.  I’m providing my services free of charge until probably the end of the year and then will start charging next year.  So far if everything works out, I have 10 sessions scheduled between now and early November and I had another person contact me today, so maybe 11 🙂  I’m really excited!  I’m also a little nervous–I’m a perfectionist, and I really want people to like my work.  It will be great though and once I start shooting my nervousness goes away.  I’m also about to launch another business with an Etsy shop, webpage, and Facebook page called Capture the Rainbow.  I’ve been making camera holders that double as a beautiful wall hanging for those of us that always like to keep our cameras ready 🙂  I really hope it takes off.  I searched for this product a few months ago and couldn’t find anything so I just decided to make myself one.  And then decided to try to make and sell them.  I really like and believe in my product, so I hope it does well.

So, it was a big month!  Between photo shoots, getting Capture the Rainbow launched, and then football season and Kellen’s Birthday right around the corner, this next month is going to fly by even faster I believe!


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