Double digits!

Kellen is 10 months old! Crazy–only 2 months until I don’t really have a baby anymore 😦  She will pretty much be a toddler. How the heck did that happen?  I’ve pretty much given up on taking her length measurement since it is so different from the Pediatrician’s office.  But we did weigh her and she is 17lbs12oz which is 18th percentile!  At her 9m appointment she was only in the 13th percentile.  So glad that she seems to be growing well 🙂

The photo shoot was difficult again this month as expected :p  The rocking chair helped since she doesn’t know how to get off of it, so at least I had her in one place.  But she was whiny and overall not very happy with the situation.  By the way, I got that rocking chair up the street at a garage sale for $1 and it was in horrible condition.  The seat had huge cracks in it.  I bought some wood putty, patched it up, sanded it down, and spray painted it Kellen’s favorite color.  I think it came out pretty good! 🙂

We both have done really well adjusting to the 4x/day feeding schedule.  I think it has really helped with her weight gain because for the most part, when I feed her she is hungry.  We even follow it up with a small snack, so she gets BF 4x/day, solids 3x/day plus 2 snacks.  And for the first time ever, we have a pretty consistent schedule as of late 🙂  She wakes up between 4:30-5am to BF, goes back down until 6:30, I let her watch BabyTV so I can drink my coffee, eat some cereal, and wake up.  Then she eats breakfast at 7am which is usually cut up fruit and either cheerios, toast, pancake, or muffin tops.  Then we play for a bit and she is ready for a nap around 9am.  She has gotten much better at sleeping for 1hr 15min for each nap–sometimes she wakes earlier but for the most part they are good naps.  So then she is up between 10-10:30.  I change her clothes into her outfit for the day, BF, she gets a snack of cut up fruit or puffs/poofs, and then we usually go run our errand for the day at that time.  She has lunch at noon which is usually lima beans and peas (her favorite) and some sort of meat if I can get her to eat it (she does really like grilled steak), and then goes down for her nap between 1-1:30pm.  When she gets up around 2:30pm I BF her and then she gets a snack and it is more play time.  Then she gets dinner at 5pm which is usually very similar to lunch but with maybe some cheese ravioli.  I sometimes feed her oatmeal which she really likes, but at the same time she only wants to feed herself so it doesn’t always go well.  Then we start bedtime at 6:30pm which is bath and then naked time on the floor in her nursery.  She gets lotion and if John is off he reads her a book, otherwise I do as long as she is in a good mood.  Then jammies and I BF her and then she goes to sleep.  I ❤ schedules 🙂  She drinks water with her meals and snacks out of a sippy.  My plan when she hits a year old is to discontinue the 2 daytime feedings and just make her snacks more substantial and give her cow’s milk in the sippy instead of water.  I think it would be nice to continue her morning and evening BFing as long as she lets me until she is 18m-2yrs old.  But I don’t think it will be difficult to wean her at all.  She eats sooo much solid foods–I think she just enjoys it much more than BFing.

Naps have gotten a little interesting because she now can sit herself up from lying down and pull up to stand in her crib.  So most naps she sits up after I leave the nursery and plays for a bit.  At first she didn’t know how to lay back down, so she would fall asleep sitting up 🙂  But she has it figured out pretty well now.  But she does throw her pacis out of the crib when she’s sitting up–I’m guessing she thinks it is fun 🙂  Little stinker.

She is walking great!  She pulls herself up better but can’t always do it still mostly because she is vertically challenged 🙂  But today she did stand herself up from sitting without holding on to anything!  She leans forward on her hands and pushes herself up with her arms and then her legs.  She’s so smart 🙂  Still no interest in crawling.  It is actually less now that she knows how to sit up from lying down.  She did really good at Lindsey’s wedding pushing the cart down the aisle–everyone said she was the cutest flower girl ever 🙂

My new brother and my beautiful sister 🙂

She still is having her separation anxiety but it has gotten a little better in the last week or so.  Going to my Bootcamp class has been difficult because she doesn’t want to sit in her stroller anymore to watch so I put her in the play area, but she gets bored in there when she is by herself (which is probably 90% of the time).  I’ve had to leave Bootcamp early quite a bit this past month 😦  They are working on setting up a daycare though so that will be perfect once they do.

My personal trainer, Chris, entertaining Kellen while I did the Bootcamp class 🙂

She is back to saying mama again 🙂  Still says dada a lot and she looooves to talk.  She just babbles and babbles and babbles.  It is so cute 🙂  I think she has tried to say Daisy a few times, but I’m never quite sure.  She does know who Daisy is though.  And she now waves bye-bye on command.

For John’s first Father’s Day this past month he really liked his pictures from Kellen 🙂  And we took him to a Eugene Emerald’s baseball game.  It was a super nice day outside and we really enjoyed ourselves.

She loves to take everything off the shelves that she can 🙂  The books, toys, shoes, everything.  She pulls them all off and leaves them in a heap and then she’s done 🙂  And one of her new favorite places to look in is the fridge. She gets really excited 🙂  We also sit her in front of the sliding door open with the screen shut and she likes to look outside.  She also walks over there on her own all the time.  The dog dishes are right next to it and she found them this past month :/  First she just liked playing in the water, but then she got a taste of the kibble 😦  I didn’t catch her in time.  But she’s actually pretty good at listening when we say no.  It took a few times but now for the most part she bypasses it or if she goes to touch and we say no she stops and walks away.  Such a good girl!


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