We have a 9 month old!

This past month went by super fast–they seem to be doing that lately!  We also reached the 9 months in, 9 months out milestone.  Though I don’t like to call it that because we are actually pregnant for 10 months.  So I just went with 39w in, 39w out since 39w was the last belly picture I took 🙂

We had our Pediatrician appointment today and these are her official stats at 9m2d:

Weight:  16lbs 10oz (13th percentile)
Length:  26 1/4″ (12th percentile)  I watched them pretty closely today and it looks like they are measuring her correctly, so I’m not sure why there is such a difference between their measurements and ours…
Head:  17 1/4″ (45th percentile)  Still our little bobble head 🙂

Her iron is a touch on the low side so I need to feed her more iron enriched oatmeal and meats.  I’m bad at feeding her both of those.

Our photo shoots are not going to be very easy anymore, I have a feeling.  She does NOT want to sit.  She wants to try to crawl forward and grab every single pine needle and leaf, she wants to walk!  So it didn’t go very well this month and I don’t foresee it getting easier.  I did get some cute ones for John’s Father’s Day gift though 🙂

For John’s Father’s Day gift 🙂

Feeding has been interesting–I’m pretty sure we are nearing the weaning process. She has been eating more and more solids and breastfeeding less and less. Her time at the breast has been pretty much cut in half. Not to mention she’s trying to climb up me almost the entire time. She has almost zero interest in breastfeeding 😦 Part of me is glad because I feel like the weaning process might not be too difficult this way. It will be nice to have my boobs back to myself, get my hormones back to normal, and focus more on dieting. I’m always so nervous about my supply dropping since I never have had any “extra” so I don’t like to cut my calories much. Even with bootcamp 4-5x/week, I still need to hardcore diet to lose a decent amount of weight. ::sigh:: I hate my metabolism sometimes. Anywho, so that will be nice to be able to work harder at that. Plus, since she pretty much refuses to nurse in public (she much rather see what is going on) it will be nice not to worry about scheduling our errands around her BFing schedule. This past month I did stretch out the time between feedings to 4-5hrs. I was feeding her 3hrs on the dot throughout the day, but she would hardly eat and try to play. So I figured she just wasn’t hungry at that point anymore. It did help a lot. I am sad to stop the BFing though when we actually do it. I’m hoping maybe we can keep doing it for a little past one year at least in the morning and maybe before bed and just give her solids and cow’s milk throughout the day. We will see what happens. I plan on taking her lead for the most part.

Mmmm, blueberries!

Sleeping has gone really well in the last couple weeks! She learned how to roll onto her belly in the crib. She’s known how to roll both ways forever, but just never tried in the crib which always surprised me. But she started doing it and it was a rough few days because she didn’t know how to get comfortable. But now she sleeps all night until 5am (goes to bed around 7pm), nurses, and then goes back down to around 7:30am! She used to be up at 6:30am so it is nice to get that extra hour of sleep. Plus, her naps are doing awesome! She actually sleeps at least 1hr for every nap now and the last 2 days she slept for a little over 2hrs for her afternoon nap! She has never slept that long in her crib for a nap before! Aleluia! But now I get to deal with her crazy bed head when she wakes up 🙂

And in other big awesome news, we have a walker! She took her first steps 2 weekends ago. It started out with just a few, and then she had a couple yucky falls (even got a bruise on her forehead) so she decided to take a break for a couple days. We would stand her up and try to coax her and she just stand there and clap 🙂 I really think she would have taken steps on her own earlier if we would have tried because she did it the first time I let go of her hands and coaxed her to me! So after that couple day break, she increased her amount of steps each day. Today she was taking 30+ steps (across the kitchen and living room!) and even letting go of things while cruising on her own to walk without us coaxing her! She will just walk on her own. She still is slow and steady, but doing really well. I think pretty soon she will be running! Ahhh! She’s walking really well with her push wagon and I got it all cutely decorated for Lindsey’s wedding. And she cruises super fast around the house–not just around the coffee table and couch anymore. She works her way around the walls and cabinets and chairs–everywhere! And she pretty much runs if she is holding on to our fingers with both hands and walks pretty quickly with just one hand.

I got a bruise!

Cruised to the high chair and found the bibs

Found the tupperware drawer in my cruising adventures!

We are also working on getting her to pull up. She’s still too short to reach the coffee table, otherwise she would be able to do it really well since it has a good grip. I’ve been taking off one of the couch cushions so it is lower for her and she has pulled up a couple times on her own. She has the strength, she just doesn’t know how to plant her feet. She also will stop when walking or cruising and bend all the way down and pick something off the floor and then stand back up! So if she wanted, she probably could get to standing from sitting, she just doesn’t know how to yet. Also, since she’s been sleeping on her belly, she has shown more interest in crawling. She doesn’t mind tummy time as much anymore, and tries to get up on her knees. So she may crawl someday 🙂

She loves to cuddle with me now! She’s gotten really affectionate towards me and even a little clingy in the last couple weeks. 2 weekends ago I went to Lindsey’s bachelorette party in Portland so I left her overnight for the first time. I was suuuper nervous about it, but John stayed home with her so that helped big time. And it wasn’t actually that bad at all. They did really good and I had a great time at the party with my sisters. Tanya came into town and is now staying at our house until the wedding so Kellen has been getting a lot of fun Auntie time in 🙂 But once I got home from that weekend, the clingyness started. If I leave her playing with John or Tanya she will be fine and happy, but if I come back in the room and she sees me and I don’t come and pick her up, she started fussing a little. It is nice to feel so loved/needed, but at the same time it is a touch annoying. Just want her to be happy with other people too is all. But I know it is hard for her since I am with her all the time and she prefers me above anyone else. But the affection I could just take allllll day! 🙂 She will put her arms around my neck and give me kisses! It is sooo cute!

No new words really. She doesn’t say mama much anymore now that she knows dada. She started saying dada Mother’s Day weekend 🙂 She says dada all the time. She also has been saying baba but I know it is just a sound for her since she doesn’t get bottles. I still think she is trying to say Daisy. But she for sure knows who Daisy is and I think she knows I’m mama and John is dada. She knows what her rubber ducky in the bath is. When I say “Where is your duck, Kellen?” she will grab it. She sometimes gets book right when I ask her where her book is. Yeah, she’s pretty much a genius :p I did move her up to 6-9m clothes soon after her 8 month day. I just love all the summer stuff!

A couple weeks ago we moved her into the convertible carseats–she’s so big! She likes it much better and it is nice not to lug the bucket seat around, but it is kind of a bummer because now she doesn’t nap very well in the car anymore and we can’t take her out of the car while in the seat and snap it into the swing where she would nap for hours. I used to hope she would fall asleep in the car, but now I hurry home before she falls asleep so I don’t have to wake her.

My Leepa, her great grandfather, made her a beautiful hope chest! She will cherish is forever 🙂


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