8 Months Old!

Wow–month 7 went by crazy fast! I can’t believe we only have 4 months until our little girl is a year old! It’s kind of sad 😦

Her stats for this month taken at home are:
Weight–15lbs9oz (11th percentile)
Height–26 3/4″ (42nd percentile)
Head–17 3/8″ (69th percentile)

She’s still our skinny girl, but I’ve decided I’m going to try not to stress about her weight anymore. She’s happy and healthy and hitting her milestones–she’s just petite 🙂

We started noticing that her reflux was bothering her again–she wasn’t doing well at breastfeeding or eating solids. I thought it might be teething for a little while since she got her top 2 teeth and 1 more bottom tooth this past month, but it was the reflux. So we upped her dosage and she is doing so much better now 🙂 She eats like a little piggy so I’m surprised she doesn’t weigh more–she must have gotten her dad’s metabolism. Lucky girl 🙂 I’ve been giving her more finger foods to feed herself lately. She’s been eating peas and sweet potato fries a lot and she even ate some of our meatloaf leftovers–she loved it! I’ve decided that once I’m out of the purees in the freezer (I still have a ton!) then we will go through most of the jarred food I bought for my diaper bag and trips and then we will just do finger food for her except for maybe yogurt which I will still spoon feed her. She really enjoys feeding herself 🙂 And she looooves yogurt! She does great with a sippy cup too–so far we just put water in it and I give it to her when she is self feeding so she can take drinks when she wants to.

She stands on her own for a really long time now and she started cruising around the furniture in the last week or so. She can’t pull herself up on the leather couch or the coffee table yet, but she has easily pulled herself up in her crib if I sit her down in there. She just can’t seem to get a good grip on the couch and the coffee table is too high. She tries to pull up on her toys, but they either aren’t heavy enough or she can’t get a good grip. I think she will get it soon. She hasn’t walked on her own at all, but we are working on getting her to walk with holding on to just one of our hands instead of 2. It’s coming along slowly 🙂 I should be getting the Juppy in a couple days so hopefully that will help also. It will for sure be nicer to our backs! I thought she might make a little more progress in the last month with walking, but I guess it is slower going then I thought, so she probably won’t walk down the aisle at the wedding. Instead we are going to have John carry her down about half way, and then let her walk the rest of the way while he holds her hands. It should be absolutely adorable 🙂

She still doesn’t have any interest in crawling, but I still have been trying to get her to do it. I put her on her tummy a lot and she actually will scootch around a little to reach things, but she usually flips right back over to her back. She hasn’t figured out how to go from lying down to sitting yet either, which I think that will make her much happier once she can. She is really good at sitting though–she hardly ever falls over anymore and she moves around a lot and even somewhat scootches herself around that way also.

In big news, Kellen has officially started saying “Mama” a lot! I loooove it! John tried to say that she was saying “Mamba” for the first couple days, but I think he was just being a brat because he knew how excited I was. She says it over and over again–I don’t think she quite gets it yet that it means me 🙂 So now that she has said Mama, we will work on Dada 🙂

This is what she looks like while she is saying Mama 🙂

She has started “dancing” in the last couple weeks. Either sitting or standing, she’ll just start moving her upper body around and smile. It is so cute! And she zooms around in her walker all over the place! She loves it. She is getting kind of tired of the exersaucer, but we will hold off on giving it back to Larissa for a little bit still. When the weather is nice and we want to work outside, we have put her in it with us our there and it keeps her happy for a little while. The bouncer in the doorway is hardly ever used anymore–she much rather move around. We packed away the infant whale tub and she now is in an inflatable duck tub. We packed away her activity mat since she doesn’t ever really lay down and play anymore. And she will not sit in her bouncer chair anymore either, so that got packed away also. I brought out some of her older toys and we discovered that she loves throwing balls! She got her dad’s athletic genes also 🙂 She is almost ready to be out of her 3-6m clothes. And I might just move her on up because we are getting a little tired of the same outfits 🙂

Hanging out while we cleaned the garage

Naps have been a little better. She has been getting up between 6:30-7:30am now so her nap times are changing, but she usually will nap for at least an hour in the crib now which is great! We are down to 2 naps per day for the most part which is nice and still in the 2-3-4 rule for the most part, give or take a half hour either way. I still sometimes have to hold her if she wakes up too early though to make sure she will make it until bedtime.

She went into Autzen for the first time a couple weekends ago for the Spring Game! It was a good time, but we have decided that we don’t think we will bring her into games this year like we thought we would. She got bored after a couple quarters and at the Spring Game they are much shorter than a regular game, so I don’t think she would enjoy herself. Hopefully we can get someone to watch her during the home games.

She even took a nap in her Ergo 🙂


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