Oh my, she’s 1/2 a year old!

I can’t believe it!  Her whole life leading up to this month I have always looked forward to her getting bigger, to reaching her next big milestone, and to overall just getting older.  Don’t get me wrong, I love her being a baby, but I get so excited just thinking about all she will learn and become!  I can’t wait to get to know her more and more and see her become a little girl 🙂  But now that she is 6 months old, it has hit me that she is almost a year old!!!  If the next 6 months go by like the last 6 months, then it will be here sooo fast!  And that means she is almost not a baby anymore!  😦  I’m still excited for her to get bigger and learn new things, but I am already missing her being a baby.  She will be going off to college the next time I blink my eyes!   ::tear::

We had her 6 month pediatrician appointment yesterday and it went really well!  She didn’t even cry with the first shot but did with the 2nd and 3rd but calmed down very quickly.  When we run out of the Zantac that we have now, Dr. Bradshaw wants us to stop cold turkey and see if she even needs it anymore.  I really hope she doesn’t because I would hate for her symptoms to come back.  No mom wants her baby in pain!

Her stats:

Weight: 14lbs 4oz (17th percentile–I’m bummed about this.  She’s dropped a little for the percentile and didn’t gain like I was hoping she would since she eats better now with the Zantac.  But she is still on the same curve, so Dr. Bradshaw is not worried at all and said she’s just going to be a little peanut 🙂 )

Length: 24 1/2 in (11th percentile–okay, I measured her at home last month 3 times and I got 24.5″ each time, so I’m not sure if she was measured correctly either time.  I know she has grown in the last couple weeks though because she is flat footed in the exersaucer and her toes touch the ground in her walker now.)

Head: 17 in!! (72nd percentile!)  Oh my goodness does my child have a big head for her little body!  Dr. B says head size can skip a generation and asked if either of our parents had big heads.  I know my dad does, so maybe that is where she gets it 🙂  I was actually a little concerned since it seems like her head has jumped a lot while nothing else has, but Dr. B says as long as it doesn’t drastically jump, everything is fine.  She just had a growth spurt with her head and probably will with her weight and length next.

She’s on track still for all her milestones, but hasn’t done too much since she started sitting unassisted.  She has NO interest at all in crawling–she hates being on her tummy.  Sometimes I can use a toy to distract her or get Daisy to stay in front of her and then she will tolerate it.  She also will usually when other babies are around because she loves to look at other babies.  But she hasn’t come close to trying to get up on her hands and knees–she does go up on her hands and push her chest and about half of her belly off the ground but that is it.  She looooves to walk though!  She will hold on to our fingers and stand and/or walk around all day 🙂  Maybe she will just skip crawling…..but I am so not ready for that!!  She will stand holding on to a new toy that I got her–I have to help her hold on at first but then she will stand there leaning her arms on it.  She looks like such a big girl!

I started her on solids this last week.  For a week or so before I gave her rice cereal and oatmeal to get some practice and she did great.  She’s not a huge fan of rice cereal, but she loves oatmeal 🙂  I’m making all her baby food (except for when we travel–I’ll use jarred organic store bought for those times) with help from the Baby Bullet system that Tanya got us 🙂  I love making her food!  So far our freezer has sweet potatoes, peas, green beans, yellow squash, zucchini, butternut squash, pears, apples, and bananas!  I’m working on making carrots and mangoes this weekend also.  And then next I want to do broccoli and spinach.  I love knowing exactly what she is eating and it is cheaper too!  We’ve been giving her some puffs that dissolve in her mouth and are made from broccoli and kale–she loves them.  It is mostly for her to practice self feeding, but she is getting really good at it.

She loves sitting in her high chair too–we used to put 3-4 toys on the tray for her at a time but she started throwing them all off 🙂  So now we have 5-6 toys that we give her one at a time.  Some she will throw on the ground immediately and some she will play with for a couple minutes and then throw–and then we give her another toy 🙂

Shortly after she turned 5 months, she started scrunching up her nose and making a sniffing sound in and out.  I think she got it from me because I do it a lot to her ear 🙂  She doesn’t do it much anymore, but of course I got a picture of it 🙂

Her new favorite noise to make is “Mmmmm mmmmm mmmmm”  with an adorable face 🙂

We took her to the park up the street the other day.  I didn’t know if she was going to be ready for the swings, but I brought my camera just in case and so glad I did!  She had so much fun!

And as you can see from that picture her 1st tooth is pretty much all the way out now and she got her second tooth a couple weeks after the first one!  The amber necklace really helps–we barely noticed the 2nd tooth was coming through until after it was out 🙂

And in very big news, sleep is going really well!  We broke her of the swaddle and she now sleeps in a sleep sack over her jammies.  It was a very long and hard 2 weeks until she got used to not having the swaddle, but she does much better now without it.  We also let her sleep with a lovey blanket now–it helps her fall asleep on her own without crying!  She plays with it and cuddles with it until she is just too tired to keep her eyes open and then falls asleep 🙂  And in other huge news, this past weekend she started sleeping through the night!!  She sleeps until 5-6am, I feed her and then sleeps until 7:45-8:15ish!  So the first stretch is usually 8-9 hours non-stop!  HEAVEN!!!  I can’t believe I made it almost 6 months without having longer than 4-5hrs of sleep at once, but usually it was more like 2-3hrs.  I feel like a new woman!  So on average sleeping about 11 hours at night now 🙂  Naps leave something to be desired though.  I started putting her in her crib for naps at the same time that she was broke of the swaddle.  She had been sleeping in the swing for her naps up until then.  She does really well but recently she only naps for about 30 minutes at a time!  Sometimes 45min-1hr, but usually 30min.  It’s when she is transitioning into the next sleep cycle.  They say that once babies know how to put themselves asleep, they should be able to transition through sleep cycles just fine, but it almost seems worse now.  I think part of it is because she sleeps more at night so doesn’t need to sleep as much during the day, but I know she needs more than 2hrs of sleep during the day.  So we will keep working on it, but I’m so happy about her night sleeping!

On her 6 monthday we stared swim lessons at the YMCA.  We go every Tuesday and Thursday and she really enjoys it!  Being in the water just seems so natural to her–maybe she’ll become a swimmer like her mom 🙂  Right now it is mostly just getting her used to the water and me used to being with her in the water, but I think it is great.  I really want her to feel comfortable and to be safe in the water and to love the water as much as I do.  Here is her swimsuit 🙂  I’ll add some more pictures next week.  Lindsey is going to come with us and take some pictures during the lessons.

I joined the local MOMs group this last month and we now have a playgroup for babies born in 2011. It has taken a slow start so far, but I am looking forward to meeting some more stay at home moms and for Kellen to make some friends her age, since she won’t be going to daycare. It will be really good for her social development we hope 🙂

Here are some of the photos I took of her for her 6 month photo shoot.  I love taking pictures of her and I love my camera and lens 🙂

Happy early Saint Patrick’s Day!


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