I heart Zantac

Well, we found out Kellen has “Silent” Reflux. It explains a lot. I’ve been dealing with her being fussy while nursing since about 2 months old. Our pediatrician said it was probably gas and to try gas drops and/or Gripe Water. We did both and Gripe Water didn’t really do anything, and the gas drops seemed to help a little, but more after she’s done eating–helps her discomfort from gas after. I guess I just decided it was something we needed to deal with. Some days/weeks were much better than others. But I was anxious every time I needed to feed her–which is 7-8 times per day! A lot of the times, John would need to get out the vacuum and turn it on to get her to stop crying and eat. She really likes the vacuum, so I think it would distract her from the pain enough for her to eat for 10 minutes.  But this past Monday-Wednesday it got really bad.  She wouldn’t eat hardly at all.  I’m talking maybe 2 minutes on each boob, but with lots of pulling off and crying in that time.  We have a scale so I weighed her on Wednesday and she weighed only 12lbs6oz, which is only 1oz more than what she weighed at her 4m appt over 3 weeks before that.  I was sure she had probably gained weight in that time, and was guessing she lost it in those few days.  So I emailed her Pediatrician and she wanted to see us on Thursday.  We told her all the symptoms and she said she was pretty sure it was “Silent” reflux.  Silent because she doesn’t spit up, but she has the pain in her esophagus from the reflux.  So she gave us a prescription for Zantac and we are to give her 1.5ml 2 times a day.  She said it could take up to 2 weeks to really take effect.  Well, we gave it to her the first night and she slept over 6 hours, woke up to eat, and then slept another 5 hours!  She has never slept that well.  And then all day Friday, she ate like a champ!  It was amazing!  And then Friday night, she slept for 4 hours, ate, and then slept another 5 and was up for the day 🙂  Last night she woke up twice, but honestly I don’t care.  Things are so much better.  I feel super guilty though because she has been in pain this whole time and I should have pushed the issue more with her Pedi instead of just thinking we had to deal with it.  It sucks because in the beginning we dealt with my milk not coming in and needing to supplement, and her slow weight gain, her lazy eating, and then the bottle preference she developed, and breaking her of that.  And in the process I stopped pumping and got out of the habit and then my supply regulated so I barely can pump to build up a stash (I have been a couple hours after she goes to bed–I need a stash for when I go to Lindsey’s bachelorette party Memorial Day weekend).  And then dealing with her crying when nursing–it was all just so frustrating.  I always looked forward to breastfeeding before she got here–thought it would be such a beautiful bonding experience for us.  But it has not been.  Now that we know what the problem is, I’m really hoping Kellen and I can get to that place where we really enjoy it.

But it does explain a lot.  Her sleep issues after we moved her from the Rock N Play–reflux babies sleep better at an incline.  Also, the fact that she is so small and still hasn’t doubled her birth weight.  Hell, she’s still in 0-3 clothing.  Her Pedi said since she is always around the 20th percentile, she is sticking to the same curve so they aren’t worried, but I always worry about her weight.  So maybe now she will start gaining some substantial weight!  I want little baby rolls!!!  🙂

In other news, trying to decrease her night feedings did NOT go well at all.  We decided to use Ferber’s method to decrease night feedings (Ch. 6 in his book).  The first few days were really hard, but it felt like it was getting a little better.  And then it all went down hill.  By night 5, she was waking every 1-2 hours!  And I couldn’t go in there or all she would want was the boob to calm down and go to sleep.  I can’t feed her every hour for obvious reasons and John needed to sleep too so he couldn’t keep going up there and giving her the paci to calm her down.  We kept with it until night 7, but it kept the same.  I emailed the Pedi because I didn’t know what I was doing wrong.  She said she could go 10 hours without eating.  All I wanted was 5.  She wrote back and said that it just looks like Kellen isn’t emotionally ready for it, so we gave up.  We had also broke her from the swaddle the week before since she can roll from back to belly–she has never tried in the crib, but to be on the safe side, we needed to make sure her arms were free so she could prop herself up if she rolled over.  Well, after a few nights of no sleep for either of us, I caved and started swaddling her again.  That got us back to her waking every 2-4 hours–much better.  She still hasn’t tried to roll, so as long as she doesn’t, I have decided I’m swaddling her until she goes off to college.  We will maybe try again after she is 6 months old.  I am thinking after Lindsey’s bridal shower we will try sleep training and breaking the swaddle.  If she is still eating just once a night, I will be fine with that for a while.  I don’t want to start sleep training when she turns 6 months and then mess it up for when I go to Aberdeen with her for Lindsey’s shower, so it will be more like 6 1/2 months.  But my goal is to have her sleep trained for night and naps before Lindsey’s wedding on June 12th.  Kellen is the flower girl and I’m a bridesmaid and I want to be able just to put Kellen down in her Pack N Play during the festivities and have her go to sleep and nap well and sleep good in it at night also.  We still have her taking naps in her swing and I will until 6 1/2 months when I try the sleep training for her naps.  Should be a tough few weeks, but we can do it 🙂

Kellen started sitting up on her own this past week!  She is super smart according to her Pedi.  She seems to be consistently 2 months ahead on her milestones, so maybe she will be walking by Lindsey’s wedding so I don’t have to carry her down the aisle.  I also got her a walker thinking it would be fun for her–yeah, not for a while.  She’s too short!  She needs to grow at least 2 inches before she can use it.  But she loves us pushing her around in it.  We just kick it from behind (gently) and push her around the house.  She doesn’t make a peep and has actually fallen asleep twice it it!  Hilarious 🙂  She is getting such a cute personality.  Lately, she will put both her arms/hands on either side of my face and then give me “kisses”, which is really just her mouth open and she slobbers all over my face–even slips me some tongue :p  Ew!  I loooove it!  She also has been playing with our faces a lot.  With John during naked baby time after her nap when he’s laying down reading to her, or to me when I’m nursing her.  So cute!

Playing Peekaboo with Mommy 🙂

Naked/story time with Daddy

Asleep in her walker!

Our sitter! With her BFF, Daisy

How can you not be absolutely in love with this beautiful little girl?!?!


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