4 months and new job

Kellen turned 4 months on Friday and today we had her Pediatrician appointment.  She’s staying on track with the growth curve that she has been on.

Weight: 12lbs 5oz (20th percentile)

Length: 23 1/4″ (14th percentile)–I must of measured her wrong at home for her 3 months stats

Head: 16 1/8″ (49th percentile)

She took her shots really well and has been sleeping most of the day since getting them.

We were given the okay to do sleep training and cereal, but we are going to wait until closer to 5-6 months for both.  I am going to try to decrease her night feedings though.  She has been getting me up every 2-4 hours since we put her in her crib.  When she was in our room she would go up to 6hrs, so I know she can.  For now, I am just going to have her wait until 3hrs at the earliest to eat, so if she wakes at the 2 hr mark, she will have to wait.  This is John’s last week before he goes back to work, so I’ll have him help me over the next few days.  Studies have shown that starting solids before the 6 month mark can lead to more allergies and childhood obesity, so we are holding off on that.  We may start brown rice cereal a few weeks before 6 months, but hold off on veggies and fruits until 6 months.

She is 1-2 months ahead on all of her developmental milestones!  Yay!  Such a smart little peanut 🙂  She started rolling over from back to belly last week 🙂  She doesn’t do it every time we put her down, and she hasn’t tried to do it when swaddled in her crib yet, so we’ve still been swaddling, but starting tomorrow we are going to do one arm out and try to slowly transition to no swaddle since we will have to do it cold turkey if she starts rolling over in her crib.  She loves to walk when you hold her up, and she has even sat up on her own for a few seconds while leaning forward on her hands.

I got a new lens for my camera–I absolutely love it!  It takes awesome pictures!  I also made my own backdrop holder from PVC pipe and bought some fabric on clearance for backdrops–I’m a momtographer 🙂  Here are some of my favorite from her 4 month photo shoot.

Today I put in my resignation with Safeway to be a full time mom and wife.  It was a hard thing to do since I’ve worked for them for 11 years and it has been my only job.  I really like Safeway and will always be loyal to them.  My boss was sad to see me go but said I am leaving on really good terms and that if I ever want to come back, to give him a call and he will give me my job back.  I was super nervous about quitting, but I’m glad it is done and over with.  Now I can focus on Kellen and John and our home 🙂


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