Happy New Year!

It’s not quite midnight yet, but we did our celebrations early 🙂 This is probably the first year since I turned 21 that I am not in a bar on NYE. How life changes with a little one! And I must say, this is the best New Year’s Eve of my life, since it is the last day of the best year of my life 🙂

We went over to our friends’ Chris and Emily’s tonight and played games and ate pizza and brownies. Oh, and I had the most wine I have drank in over a year, but still spaced out one glass per hour so breastfeeding is safe 🙂 We had such a great time!

Over at Chris and Emily's

Kellen was kept up past her bedtime so we rushed home and did a quick naked baby and story time, and then a quick bath.

John finishing reading her a book during naked baby time

As I lay there rocking her and nursing her to sleep, I couldn’t help but get a little weepy.  This year has really been the best year of my life.  I have such an amazing husband, a beautiful home, great family and friends, the ability to be a full time wife and mom, and of course, my beautiful Kellen.  She is absolutely amazing.  I can’t believe I have ever lived a moment without her.

Happy New Year everyone.  I hope 2012 is as amazing for us and everyone else as 2011 was for us.


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