3 months old

Kellen is getting so big! She’s really been putting on some L Bs :). We packed away all of her newborn clothes shortly after her 2 monthday and now she has so many cute outfits in 0-3 size. We haven’t had to repeat an outfit yet, except for jammies but she sometimes wears them all day.

Stats on her 3 monthday:

Head–15 3/4″ (52nd %)

Length–23 1/2″ (56th %!  Up from 20th at 2 1/2 months 🙂 )

Weight–11lbs 1oz (22nd %–still my skinny baby!)

She is starting to reach more milestones. She still rolls from belly to back when she feels like it 🙂 But she’s really good at tummy time and holds her head up for a long time. She has become a fan of her Bumbo and ecosaucer and is really good at sitting in both of them and keeping good head control. She’s too little for the ecosaucer so we have to stuff a blanket behind her. We’ve also used the Jumperoo a few times and she does well. Doesn’t jump in it yet, but spins herself in circles. She likes her bouncy seat now too. We can set her down in any of them and she will entertain herself up to 20ish minutes. We’ve been able to eat most of our meals together so that’s really nice.  I love that she’s not super clingy so we can set her down and she is happy.  But at the same time she’s not too independent that she doesn’t like to be held.

We started the crib transition the Sunday after Thanksgiving. She did really well except the 2nd night–she was up every 20-40 minutes and I ended up sleeping on the floor of her room for most of the night. She sleeps about 4hrs the first stretch and then 2-3hr stretches after that. Each stretch used to be an hour longer so I’m hoping it goes back to that soon. But overall I think she is doing well. I have a hard time though–I miss her being so close 😦  But I’m getting better at sleeping now.  Her grunting during the night kept me up when she was in our room in the Rock N Play.  I would still wake up the first week or so when I would hear her through the monitor, but now I’m better at sleeping until she wakes up to eat.  I was nervous about her crying before I had a chance to get up there, but she usually takes a few minutes to wake herself up, so once I hear the louder grunting, I’ve been able to get up there before she gets too upset.  This will be good too for John who goes back to work in a few weeks–he should be able to sleep better without us in the bedroom nursing.

Pretty much we have come to the conclusion that we have a really good baby 🙂  She really only fusses or cries when she needs something.  She’s pretty happy all the time.  And she’s absolutely adorable!  She smiles so much and plays!  She likes getting her diaper changed now and hanging out in the changing table kicking her feet and moving her arms and smiling at her daddy (he does the majority of the diaper changes–such a good man!).  She has kinda sorta laughed a few times, but nothing that I have considered her first real laugh.  I can’t wait though.  When she gives me those big ol’ gummy smiles, I can tell she just wants to burst out with some noise.  Hopefully soon! 🙂

We got a great Groupon deal for a photography session for our Christmas card pictures.  It was an hour long session for $65 and it came with 3 high resolution images via e-mail and 2 5×7 prints.  We went to Armitage Park and the shoot actually only lasted about a 1/2 hour.  It was kinda cold and Kellen did really well in the beginning, but then the wind picked up she got fussy so we called it a day.  But we got some really good pictures.  I also bought a different Groupon through Shutterfly for the cards–40 of the high quality stationary cards for $40–ended up saving over $95!  They came out gorgeous!

Thanksgiving was at our house.  Damion, Larissa, and Savannah couldn’t make it because Damion needed to open up the Rx at Target at 3 a.m. on Black Friday.  But my dad, Karen and Lindsey came.  I made the whole dinner all by myself and everything came out great!  The turkey was delicious!  I’m so proud of myself 🙂

I kinda joined a Mom’s group I found through Meetup.com.  I went to a Halloween party at a lady’s house.  Just a few moms showed though and Kellen and I were the youngest there 🙂  I think we will go to more of the activities when she is a little older to where she can actually play.  Maybe when she starts crawling.  We have been going to the Infant Storytime at the Eugene Public Library though.  I took her a little over 2 months thinking she probably would be too young, but she absolutely loves it!  She loves looking at all the other babies and the songs  🙂  It’s so cute!  We are going to be regulars there now.  Hopefully it will get to the point soon where I can hang out a little bit after and meet some other moms.  The few times we have gone, I have the small window and then Kellen is tired and needs her nap.  In the last week or so though, she has actually been staying up for 1.5 to 2 hours and then sleeping for up to 2 hours.  Sometimes 3.  It is really nice 🙂  Even though she is sleeping the same amount during the day, less naps that are longer make it to where John and I can get more things done.  She’s still napping in her swing, but I figured we would let her do that for a while before I start having her nap in her crib too.

We took her to see Santa on Pet night so her and Daisy could get their picture taken together–thought it would be a cute tradition to start 🙂  Daisy wouldn’t cooperate at first and Kellen was being just perfect.  When we finally got a good shot of Daisy, Kellen had a weird look on her face, so the outcome was not a very good picture, but oh well–Santa looks good :p

For Christmas we are going down to Medford and staying at my dad’s for 12/21-12/23.  It will be easier for Kellen to stay at my dad’s–with Savannah being 2, she doesn’t really know how to let the baby sleep when she needs to 🙂  We discovered that when they came to visit us and the weekend didn’t go over very well for Kellen.  Her napping was horrible.  We of course can’t expect Savannah to be quiet for 8 hrs during the day while Kellen naps, so it is easier just to be at my dad’s.  I’m a little nervous about being somewhere else other than home overnight, but we have to eventually.  Then we will be home Christmas Eve and Christmas Day just the 3 of us.  Church asked us to be Joseph, Mary, and baby Jesus at the 5 p.m. Mass on Christmas Eve 🙂  John isn’t very excited about it, but I think we should–they don’t really have any other young babies in the church.  And I really wanted to spend our first Christmas at home, so it works out well.  We will go to John’s grandparents up in Vancouver the day after Christmas.

As for me and my continuing recovery, I made John promise me just to call the doctor when something is bothering me instead of waiting.  My hemorrhoids were still bothering me by 12 weeks post pardum, so I called Dr. Dick and he Rx’d me suppositories.  No joke, I felt 100% better by the next day.  I would consider myself completely back to normal if it wasn’t for gallbladder issues.  About 2 weeks post pardum I started getting these “attacks.”  My chest and upper abdomen would get really tight and painful and it would wrap around my back between my shoulder blades and my right shoulder.  I also would have a hard time breathing.  It was veeery painful and the first few times it would last 45 min or so.  John thought maybe it was heartburn, so he was giving me medicine for that, but it did nothing.  I was thisclose to going to the ER.  After the 3rd time, he started wondering if it was gas, so he gave me gas pills and then the attack would stop after 15-20 min.  So we chalked it up to really bad gas.  Then I was reading a post on the Sept 2011 board on The Bump and a girl said she went to the ER with the same symptoms as me and found out she had gallstones and has to have her gallbladder removed.  I started Googling and sure enough, I had all the symptoms.  Something about pregnancy increases gallbladder issues so  a lot of new moms have this problem I guess.  Called my primary care physician, Dr. Brian Jones, and he said he was pretty sure that was what it is, so he sent me for an ultrasound.  Sure enough I had very small gallstones and sludge.  I had the surgery yesterday to get it removed.  I was terrified.  Something about being put under and not being able to wake up when I want to–especially with Kellen here now.  What if she needed me?!?!  And of course my surgeon was about 3 hours behind and I felt bad having Kellen at the hospital for so long, so I had John take her home so I had to go in by myself 😦  I started crying right before they put me under and when I woke up I was crying and shivering and in pain and asking for Kellen and John.  John ended up asking Lindsey to watch Kellen so he could come back to the hospital when I was in recovery and we wouldn’t have to worry about her being comfortable.  Overall I was in the hospital for about 8 hours.  I was able to move around pretty well last night, but I’m in pretty good pain today.  I’m taking my pain pills about every 3-4hrs.  And the worst part is I’m unable to breastfeed Kellen 😦  My whole abdomen and my shoulder hurt pretty bad–I can’t imagine trying to nurse right now.  So I’ve been pumping and John has been giving her bottles.  And my lifting restriction is 10 pounds, so I can’t even pick her up 😦  I made John give her to me when I was sitting down though so I could snuggle her a little bit–I miss my baby!  I never thought I would miss our middle of the night nursing sessions, but I would take that any day over pumping!  I’m hoping I feel better tomorrow so I can try feeding her.  Some of us girls from The Bump that have been on the loss boards together for a while have a secret Facebook group page.  It’s for moms that had their babies’ between June and September.  It’s really nice to have women to talk to about what we are all going through.  Anyway, they suggest the side-lying position.  But I’ve never tried it before, so I want to wait until I feel a little better before trying it.  They all say it is such a great position once you get the hang of it.  Both mom and baby can just dose off and take a nap together 🙂  Sounds wonderful, especially right now.

So I should be recovered within a couple weeks.  And then I am hoping I am completely back to normal 🙂  Sex is still sore but much better.  If it still is by my annual exam on 12/27, I will probably ask Dr. Dick about it and see what he says, but I know that breastfeeding can actually make it stay that way for a while.

So here are a ton of pictures 🙂


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