Baptism and Pumpkin Patch

Kellen was baptized at St. Jude’s Catholic Church two Sundays ago (10/16/11).  It is the same church where we were married.  Tanya arrived 10/13/11 with her boyfriend Clarke (he flew home the Sunday of the Baptism) and she stayed until 10/20/11.  John’s parents, John and Sheri, drove in from Nebraska and got here Friday 10/14/11.  They left this past Wednesday 10/19/11.  So we had a full house.  There have been a couple days where I think Kellen was a little overstimulated, so she didn’t sleep well at all, but it’s getting better.

The baptism was great!  It was during the 11:15 mass and so many people came to celebrate with us!  We feel so blessed!  More people came to her baptism then to the baby shower.  Our little girl is very loved 🙂  There was John and myself, John’s parents, my dad and Karen, Tanya (she’s the Godmother) and Clarke, Lea and Brian, Lindsey, Chris and Trevor, Justin (who is her Godfather), Amber and Duane and their daughter Savannah.  And we all went to the Brunch buffet at Izzy’s after.  Dad and Karen got her a beautiful gold rosary bracelet–of course it was too big for her, so we just wrapped it around the ribbon on her dress.  And her dress was huge on her!  But we made it work.  I ordered the smallest size I could find (0-3 months)–oh well.

Tanya, John, Kellen and I went to Lonepine Farms yesterday to pick out pumpkins and take some photos.  Yes, I know Kellen can’t tell where we are and won’t remember it, but I wanted pictures.  Plus her Aunt Becky, John’s sister, got her a super cute Halloween outfit that I wanted her to wear.  It was a beautiful day and we had a great time and of course Kellen looked absolutely adorable 🙂

We weighed her today on our scale–well, John weighed himself and then again with her in his arms. We got her weighing in at 10.7 lbs.!  I’m sure it’s not completely accurate, but I’m guessing she’s a little over 10 lbs. now.  We have her 2 month Pediatrician appointment 2 weeks from today.  She will get a bunch of shots which I’m already dreading, but I’m excited to see how much she weighs!  I hope she is still gaining well 🙂

We are starting to get a pretty good routine going for during the day and getting her ready for bed. She is eating closer to 3 hours now during the day and usually gives us 3 hour stretches all night long. Every now and then we get a 4 hour stretch. She is also at the point where she doesn’t really poop during the night and much less during the day–it’s nice 🙂 We are starting to feel a lot more confident that we know what to do with her. She is super strong and loves standing on her legs. Besides a little help to keep her upright, she can support her body weight. And she has always been good with lifting her head–she lifted it off my chest soon after she was born in the delivery room! But she does it all the time now.

I had my 6w PP OB appointment this last Tuesday. Dr. Dick didn’t really tell me I was cleared for sex or exercise, but he didn’t tell me I wasn’t either. I forgot to ask, but I’m assuming I am. John and I attempted the first one of those the other night and it went better than I thought–I was scared. A little painful, but nothing I couldn’t handle. I’m starting an exercise (walks and elliptical) routine this week and trying to eat better. It’s hard because I am always hungry! I need to go to the store and get some healthy snacks. It doesn’t help that we have Halloween candy in the house. The bad news is that pooping for me never got any better so I asked Dr. Dick about it and he said I most likely have hemorrhoids. He didn’t examine me at all, which I was expecting. So that was kinda weird, but hey, I’m not complaining. So he gave me an Rx for stuff and he said should get better within 2 weeks and if not, then I need to use suppositories. Ew. And my bum hurts so bad, I can’t imagine trying to insert those things. But the good news is that starting yesterday, it actually started feeling a little better and there wasn’t bleeding–just a little spotting. John thinks that I might not feel like I’m pooping glass in a couple days, which would be reeeeallllyyy nice.


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