1 month old!

Well, a couple days ago she turned 1 month old!  My baby is getting so big :p

It’s funny how I have been able to tell she is getting bigger.  I see her every day so I don’t notice it like other people do, but when she was first born I remember thinking how little she was because my boobs were bigger than her head!  Well, now her head is pretty much the same size as my boobs.  So that is how I noticed she was getting bigger.

We graduated to size 1 diapers also on Thursday.  She still fit in newborn size, but most babies need to go up a size once they hit 8 1/2 lbs or so.  We ran out of newborn diapers and instead of buying more, we just decided to go up to size 1.  I’m hoping she stays in this size for a while–they are pretty big on her!  I can’t help but be a little sad thinking about how soon enough she will fill up those diapers and we will need to move up a size again.

I took her 1 month pictures.  I think it went fairly well.  I used a space heater and she loved it.  She just sat there content and let me snap away.  Getting her sleepy pictures were a little more difficult–she was having a grumpy day where she didn’t want to fall asleep and when she did, she didn’t want to be set down.  It took quite a few tries and a couple hours to get the sleeping shots 🙂 (I also learned how to insert these images an easier way 🙂 Just click on the icon and it will show you a larger picture!)

And in more good news, I got my wedding ring on a few days ago!  It is waaay too tight, but it’s not cutting off circulation, so it’s on and it’s staying on!  🙂


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