My Hospital Bag tips

So I thought I would write out some things that I know are commonly asked in pregnancy and thought the first one would be what I thought is needed in the hospital bag.  This way if someone asks, I have something to reference.

I started packing ours around 30w–yes, I’m a tad early on planning.  That’s just how I roll.  But I’m glad I did because it was kind of a rough draft that I took away and added to over time up until about a week before delivery.  I packed for John, myself, and Kellen.

For John:

  • 3 basketball shorts (his go-to lounge wear)
  • 1 pair of lounge pants (he wears them over his basketball shorts when cold)
  • 3 pairs of white socks
  • 3 pairs of boxers
  • 1 pullover fleece
  • 3 white Hanes t-shirts (he has to wear one under all shirts as his undershirt)
  • 3 dry fit t-shirts
  • 1 pair of slides (his lounge shoes)
  • Toothbrush
  • Deodorant

He ended up using the fleece and that was it because he ended up going home once every day to shower and change clothes.  I’m not sure if he would do that next time or not.  He needed to go home because he needed to pull up the trash cans from the curb, and we were waiting for our parking passes in the mail since the first home game was that Saturday.  Next time I just might bring 1-2 of each thing and he can go home if needed.

For Me:

  • 3 pairs of yoga/lounge pants
  • 3 nursing tank tops
  • Fuzzy socks
  • Slippers
  • 5 pairs of granny panties (just cheap Hanes ones I bought at Target)
  • Zip up hoodie
  • Make-up bag
  • Toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, body wash and poof, face wash, toothbrush and paste, deodorant, toner, face lotion, body lotion, chapstick, brush, pick, hair serum, hair ties, bobby pins, pads, nursing pads, lanolin)
  • Flip flops
  • My pillow with a black pillow case
I wore the hospital gown the rest of the evening that she was born and all of the next day.  I was bleeding a good amount and the nurses kept checking me down there.  I also wore the mesh panties with those huuuge pads.  I stayed barefoot those days because I was hot.  On the day after that, I took a shower and put on my own underwear and pads and clothes.  I ended up not wearing my slippers or fuzzy socks because I was so hot.  The hospital gave me a pair of cheap socks with grippers on the bottom and I either wore those or my flip flops when I was out of the bed.  I never wore the hoodie because I was hot all the time.  I did put a little bit of make-up on that day also because the photo lady was coming by and when I saw myself it the mirror I saw how pale I was from losing all the blood, so my foundation was a good thing.  I think just foundation, bronzer, and mascara was all I put on.  I’m really glad I brought my toiletries for the shower–they had this soap that was all purpose apparently and was horrible.  All the other toiletries I used except for the bobby pins.
For Kellen:

I brought her diaper bag and fully stocked it.  I would not suggest this–I didn’t listen when everyone said that the hospital had everything you need.  The only thing I really used was I put her in one extra outfit besides her going home outfit.  But if we didn’t end up staying an extra day, I probably wouldn’t have.  I did use the diaper bag as my purse also, so it had my wallet, my point and shoot camera, and some chapstick.  So really all you need for the baby is a going home outfit and car seat.  I didn’t bring the boppy b/c I didn’t want to get it dirty, but it would have been nice.  There were plenty of pillows though, so it is not a must have.  And bring home everything you can.  If they put it in your room for your use, you will get charged for it, so take it home when you leave.  I took one of the receiving blankets as a souvenir–they aren’t very soft, so I don’t think I will end up actually using it.

We also brought:

  • Laptop bag which had: laptop, charger, baby book for footprints, notebook and pen to write down anything–also had a list of things we needed to do once Kellen was born.  We never used the laptop–just surfed the internet on our phones.
  • Camera bag with my Nikon camera for Lindsey to take pictures during the birth.  My point and shoot has nothing on my Nikon 🙂  Didn’t use this camera or my point and shoot again for the rest of the stay.  Used the cameras on our phones.  I wish I used my Nikon camera more though to get some good new-newborn pics, but the ones on my iPhone are sufficient.
I don’t really think there is anything that I wish we brought that we didn’t.  More just brought too much.
ETA:  I requested the detail charges for my hospital stay.  I was charged $8 per Norco (basically the same as Vicodin), $6 per 600mg Ibuprofen, $6 for a gas pill (still not sure why I got this), $6 per stool softener, $6 per Tylenol and $6 per Prenatal Vitamin.  So next time, I will be packing my own Ibuprofen, Prenatals, stool softeners, and Tylenol.  I also may still have Vicodin left over from my D&C last year, and I was Rx’d Oxycodone for my Gallbladder surgery (he gave me 40 pills and I doubt I will use all of those), so I will take those also to sub for the Norco.  That will save me at least $100 🙂


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