3 weeks

We had another weight check yesterday when she was 3w1d.  Our check-up on Monday when she was a day shy of 3w had her finally above her birth weight weighing in at 7lbs 7.5oz, so she had gained 4.5oz in 4 days!  So the supplementing plan worked well.  Pedi said that after Monday, we didn’t need to supplement after every feeding, but go to every other feeding for a couple days to ween her off the supplementing.  The good news with that is I wouldn’t have to give her formula anymore because I would be able to pump at least 1oz if I was only giving it to her every other feeding–I just needed to keep pumping after every feeding.  So we did that for a couple days and yesterday showed that she gained 3.5 more oz in 3 days!  She weighed 7lbs 11oz which is the 19th percentile.  Woot woot!  So Dr. Bradshaw just said to feed her on the boob whenever she wants it, and then only supplement if she acts like she needs it.  Yay!  She still needs to do some major gaining but we are headed in the right direction.

I think she is going through a growth spurt the last couple of days because she slept a ton and when I was feeding her yesterday, she got really frustrated and fussy when on the boob, so I think she was wanting more milk and it was towards the end of a typical feeding so the milk wasn’t coming as fast or as much as she liked.  So we ended up giving her 1oz of breast milk and then she still acted super hungry, so we gave her 1oz of formula since I didn’t have anymore breast milk pumped.  She had 2 good feedings after that, but then the next feeding she did the same thing and I didn’t have any breast milk available, so we gave her a 2 oz bottle of formula.  The rest of the feedings last night and today have gone well, so that’s much better.

We are by ourselves for the 1st time today.  John went to lunch and bowling with our friend Chris.  It’s been going well so far because she’s been sleeping pretty much the whole time.  🙂  I got a little house cleaning done 🙂

We had newborn pictures Wednesday with Peggy.  I’m actually not very happy about them because I told her I wanted them done in the first couple weeks, but she said it goes better when they are closer to a month old, so we scheduled them for 3 weeks.  Kellen was not happy.  She doesn’t like being changed, so outfit changes made her upset.  Plus, she’s not squishy like she was in the first couple weeks.  She can be when she wants to, but she does not appreciate being posed, so it didn’t work very well.  Plus, she wasn’t sleeping–I think she was overstimulated over at Peggy’s.  And the newborn photos I was wanting had the baby sleeping in pretty much all of them.  So next time (God willing there is a next time) we will be getting the pictures done at our house in the first 10 days of life.  That is what photographers typically do anyway.  I just don’t think Peggy is very experienced with photographing infants.  Here are some of our faves though:

The ones in the suitcase have a lot of special meaning.  The suitcase was given to my by my Granny Great, Ann, who is what Kellen’s middle name is after.  The blanket is my baby blanket 🙂  We are using the one with the blue ruffle diaper cover for her birth announcements.  So we got some good ones, but that is really the best of all of them.

I also have the birth photos to share.  There are a lot of neat ones where her head and body are coming out, but those will stay privately between John and I and maybe share them with Kellen someday if she wants 🙂  I still haven’t gone through all the video yet.  That will be my next project 🙂  (Click to make larger)


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