2 week check-up

We had our first appointment with our Pediatrician today. They are a pretty busy practice, so when we have gone in before today we met with Physician’s Assistants since it was just for a weight check.  We really felt like we were gaining some ground with Kellen’s weight gain since we saw the Lactation Consultant, but when we went in today, she was still 3 oz under her birth weight 😦  So now we have to supplement.  I’m to feed her as much as I can on the breast, pump immediately after for 10 minutes, and then feed her that.  If I don’t get a full 1 oz from the pumping, then we have to supplement with formula.  I just pumped and got 1/4 of an oz 😦  We have discovered that Kellen is laid back and what they call a “lazy eater.”  She falls asleep on the boob pretty much after 5 minutes of eating and it’s a chore to get her to eat more.  Sometimes she completely refuses.  But she’s more than likely still hungry because today when we gave her a bottle of breast milk that I had from the last couple days, she downed 1 oz no problem.  But everything else is looking great–she’s just small.

Here’s her stats for today:

Weight: 7 lbs, 3 oz (16th percentile)

Length: 20 in (36th percentile)

Head circumference:  14 1/4 in (55th percentile)

Sleeping got much better as of last night.  I’m selling our bassinet to Lea’s boyfriend’s mom (her niece is having a baby I think) and we went and purchased a Rock N Play.  Kellen hated her bassinet and was only sleeping in my arms at night.  I really missed sleeping in my bed.  So night before last we tried transitioning into the RnP and it was hard–pretty much didn’t get sleep all night.  And then like magic, last night she slept in there for a 4 hour stretch, woke up to eat, and then went back down for 3 more hours, ate, and then down for another hour!  It was fantastic!  I’m hoping it keeps going this way!

I still need to go through all of the birth pictures and videos that Lindsey and Lea took.  I looked at the pictures briefly and watched the video where Kellen actually was born, but I’m kinda scared to look too much closer 🙂   And I’m for sure scared to watch the videos because of how much I think I screamed.  Maybe someday soon 🙂


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