39 weeks

Oh man, am I ready to start doing blog posts about the baby and not pregnancy!  Hopefully only about 1 week to go!

Symptoms?:  Mostly the same.  Work is done, so most days I feel better since I get to relax when I need to.  But other days I’m not feeling very well–like today.  I slept horrible last night.  Not sure if I was having contractions or not, but my lower pelvis area and back hurt and I had a head ache and felt nauseous.  I feel a little better now, but it’s not what I would call a good day.

Weight gain?:  Same as last week so up 24 lbs total

Movement?:  Yep, she is still moving very well for how squished she is in there.

Stretch marks?:  Yep, I think I’m even getting some more on my belly 😦

Belly button–in or out?:  It’s out for sure by the end of the day–I even took a picture to show 🙂

Best thing that happened this week?:  Work being done!

Any baby-related purchases this week?:  Nope–oh, well we went to Costco today and stocked up on batteries 🙂

Labor progress?:  At today’s appt, 1 cm dilated, 80% effaced, -3 station.  Dr. Dick thinks she will be out right around her due date and we shouldn’t have to induce.

Milestones reached?:  Officially on maternity leave!!!

What size is the baby?:  Still a watermelon.  About 7lbs and 20″ long

Belly picture: I chopped my hair off 🙂


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