38 weeks

So had the u/s this morning.  The tech wasn’t saying too much about whether things looked good or not.  But Kellen is definitely squished in there!  It was hard to make out much of anything.  We saw a bit of her face–eyes, nose, and lips.  And we got a quick profile shot, but her hand was in her mouth 🙂  Really hard to see what was going on.  But she is head down (which I knew) and at the time she was laying on the left side of my ute with her butt in the upper left part of it (which I also knew–she likes to stick it out a lot) and her legs were extended over to the upper right part of my ute.  She has a great heartbeat–still love that sound 🙂  I asked if she could tell if she still had her Choroid Plexus Cysts, but she said that it is too hard to tell at this point because there is so much brain matter taking up the space.  Kellen wouldn’t let us confirm that she’s a girl, but I feel pretty confident.  And she measured my cervix, but I forgot to ask.  She measured the fluid, but didn’t really tell us how it was.  She said Kellen is about 6 lbs, 12 oz–which puts her in the 35th percentile.  She’s on track to be about 7 1/2 lbs if she is born around her due date–just like Dr. Dick thought 🙂

So we came back a couple hours later to meet with Dr. Dick.  He said everything looked perfect and that Kellen looks great.  So that’s a relief.  I had my first internal and I am 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced, but Kellen is -3 station.  So she has quite a ways to drop still.  So I’m not really sure why I measured so small last week since it obviously isn’t from her dropping–I forgot to ask him what his other thoughts were about it and he didn’t measure me today.  I’ll try to remember to ask next week.  So I still think she will be making her appearance close to her due date.

Symptoms?:  Still the same–huge, swollen, in pain, tired.

Weight gain?: +2 more lbs this week, so up 24 lbs total.  Boo.

Movement?:  A good amount, but it has slowed down a little.  It’s smaller movements since she can’t move around as much.

Stretch marks?:  Same…

Belly button–in or out?:  Top and edges are out.

Best thing that happened this week?:  Probably seeing her today 🙂  Also, learning that I have made some progress, even if just a little.

Any baby-related purchases this week?:  No, I don’t think so.

Labor progress?:  See above 🙂

Milestones reached?:  Well, I’ve officially actually been pregnant for 9 months, since the 1st 2 weeks you aren’t actually pregnant.

What size is the baby?:  Still a watermelon.  Baby center says she should weigh about 6.8 lbs, so pretty close to the u/s guess.

Belly picture:  Excuse the pjs and not very attractive me–don’t hate 🙂


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