Full Term

Wow!  We made it Kellen.  You are free to come at ANY time.  Seriously.  I’m ready, or as ready as I will ever be.

OB appointment today was a little different.  We found out that I do not have GBS!  Woot woot!  So that will help my natural birth plan by not needing an IV.  My blood pressure was a little bit elevated, but nothing to be concerned about.  I guess last week there was a trace of protein in my urine, but today none, so they aren’t worried about that either.  I got my leave of absence paperwork back from them for work (6 more days!!!) and also a packet with my pregnancy history info in it that I have to take to the hospital and Dr. Dick’s pager number for when I go into labor.

The not so good news is that he measured my fundal height and I am measuring 3 weeks behind.  The first time he measured my fundal height I was measuring 4 weeks ahead.  That tapered off and I have consistently been measuring 2 weeks ahead, which he wasn’t concerned about and said I would probably have a 7-8 lb baby.  So when he told me today I was measuring 34w, I was immediately concerned.  He said that she could have dropped and when the baby drops, the head goes into the pelvis so that could be up to 3cm that he can’t measure, but he ordered us an u/s for next week just to be sure.  That made me even more worried because he told me after the AS that we wouldn’t have another u/s unless something seemed wrong.  But her hb was good on the doppler, I still gained my typical 1 lb this week, she still moves around all the time, and I actually thought she may have dropped in the last week because of how much more pressure I was feeling.  And John pointed out that if he was super concerned, he probably would have got us in today or tomorrow for an u/s, and not a week from now.  So I am trying not to worry about it and tell myself that it is good that she probably dropped, and I get to see her again 🙂  But the whole PgAL mentality makes it hard not to worry…  Well, hopefully this week goes by quickly so I don’t have to worry any more.

Symptoms?:  Pretty much the same that they have been except for it’s much heavier down in the pelvic area.  I also may be having some contractions–probably just Braxton Hicks, but honestly, I have no idea.

Weight gain?:  Up another pound this week so +22 lbs total.

Movement?:  Yep, she has been moving around a lot.  But it’s not really jabs or kicks, more just rolls.

Stretch marks?:  Same ones–ones on my belly are my nemesis.  I dislike them big time–they make me feel very unattractive  😦

Belly button–in or out?  The top is for sure out.  And as the day progresses and the belly gets bigger, the rest is at least flat–sometimes the edges stick out

Best thing that happened this week?:  Reaching full term for sure 🙂

Any baby-related purchases this week?:  Yep, I purchased her baptism gown last night and a cute headband with a white flower on it 🙂  I also got her some ruffle diaper covers that I thought would be cute for newborn pictures.  And some month onesie stickers to take pictures of her on her monthly birthdays.  Oh, and I bought her a sleeping gown for when she’s newborn and her legs are all crunched up–the ones I have are kinda big.

Nursery progress?:  All done!  Larissa and Damion brought us Savannah’s gym floor mat thing and a Johnny Jumper thing.

Milestones reached?:  Full Term!

What size is the baby?:  We are officially a watermelon!  The last fruit!  She’s about 6 1/2 lbs and 20 in long.  But we will probably find out for sure next week at the ultrasound 🙂

Belly picture:  Hmmm….I don’t think it looks like I’ve dropped really.

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