33 weeks

Symptoms?:  Pretty much the same still.  John refers to my toes a lot as sausages–thanks honey :p  I’m pretty tired and she’s pretty heavy, and I’m ready to be done.  I don’t want her here yet though, but I for sure want the next 7 weeks to go by quickly.

Weight gain?: +1 pound this week so +17 total

Movement?:  Yep!  Her butt sticks out a lot and so do her feet

Stretch marks?:  The same–my poor belly  😦

Belly button–in or out?  Mostly in.  The top part if for sure flat now.

Best thing that happened this week?:  We did our registry completion, so now we have everything we need 🙂  John put our swing together yesterday and it is so cute!

Any baby-related purchases this week?:  Yep!  Lots!  Got everything else we needed except for the breatpump–which I’m still hoping to get an Rx from Dr. Dick so my insurance pays 80%.

Nursery progress?:  Done!!

Milestones reached?:  Uh….33 weeks 🙂

What size is the baby?:  We have graduated to a honeydew!  Only one more fruit after this 🙂

Belly picture:

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