8 months!

Crazy….32 weeks. At our OB appointment today, Dr. Dick said that she will be here in 8 weeks or less–which I knew, but to hear someone else say it is crazy. Even crazier is he said she could be here as soon as 4 weeks and they wouldn’t try to stop the labor at that point. Very surreal still for sure.  Dr. Dick took my fundal measurement again today, and I’m measuring 34w, so 2w ahead is much better than the 4w ahead that I was before.  He said I’m perfect and that I’m on track to have a 7-8 pound baby 🙂  I was hoping for 6 pounds, but I can handle 7.  Hopefully she stays in that area.  John and I will attempt to install the car seat bases in about 4 weeks.  We have a few more things to buy before she gets here also.

The shower went great!  I was bummed out and upset though because out of the 26 people that I invited that I thought would probably come, only 12 did…  😦  And the really bummer thing is that Larissa thought we would have around 17 people as of Saturday morning.  Then we got about 5 phone calls or text messages with people telling us they couldn’t come.  And the ones I talked to who were what I consider close friends, their reasons were pretty lame.  There was no way I would let their reasons stop me from going to their baby showers, but whatever…I felt bad for Larissa also because she made a lot of food and favors for everyone.  But the decorations were so cute, the food and cake were delicious, and the company that came was great 🙂  I didn’t get many items from our registry, but the things we did get were really good things and all things we will for sure use.  I only took one thing of bottles back b/c they aren’t the kind I want to use.  I only got a couple duplicates–a rattle and a hat and sock set.  But I figured those are things that you can’t really have too many of, so I’m not taking them back.  Some of the things we didn’t get that we need are a lot of the big things–swing, eco saucer, highchair, and gym play mat.  But the awesome thing is, they are mostly all things that Savannah has outgrown, so Larissa is going to let us use them until they have another baby.  She was going to let us use their highchair also, since Savannah is close to growing out of it and Kellen won’t use if for a few months, but today when we were at Target, we saw that it was on clearance for $100, so we bought it 🙂  My dad and Karen got us the Pack N Play, our neighbor Tammi got us the bouncer chair, and Emily and Chris got us our video monitor.  Those were all perfect things for us to get since Savannah is still using hers and never had a bouncer chair.  We also got  beautiful handmade quilts/blankets–John’s mom made an adorable pink and white quilt and an Oregon blanket, our neighbor Kathy made a gorgeous brightly colored quilt, a friend Andrea had her mom make a super cute blanket with matching bib and burp cloth, and John’s boss Emily made us a blanket that’s baby fabric on one side and Oregon fabric on the other.

Me and Kristine

Sisters! Lindsey, me, and Lea

Blanket from Andrea

Quilt from Kathy

Blanket from John's mom

Quilt from John's mom

This will hang in Kellen's room 🙂

Larissa and me

Look how big and adorable Savannah is 🙂

Symptoms?:  Pretty much the same as the last week.  I think I may have had contractions yesterday–not sure if real ones, Braxton Hicks, or just gas pains 🙂  I’ve heard Braxton Hicks are not painful–just uncomfortable, and these were slightly painful.  And they came in waves, so that’s why I wasn’t thinking gas.  But they only lasted for about 5 minutes, so nothing to be concerned about.

Weight gain?: +1 pound, so +16 pounds total

Movement?:  Yep, she still rolls around a lot–I love it!  She has also been getting the hiccups 🙂  It’s cute, but since she’s so low and head down, it feels really weird in the cervix area.

Stretch marks?:  The same ones.

Belly button–in or out?  Still in!  I think the top is starting to be flat–I can feel it through my shirt.

Best thing that happened this week?:  My baby shower 🙂

Any baby-related purchases this week?:  Yep!  Highchair, and I bought some Oregon Duck onsies and blanket/hat/bib set today because we actually didn’t get any Oregon clothes at the shower.  I know, I couldn’t believe it!

Nursery progress?:  I’ve been doing laundry today so it’s all getting put away.  Along with her new toys and such.  I also cleared out a drawer and part of a cabinet in the kitchen for bottles, pacis, bibs, and such.

Milestones reached?: 8 months!

What size is the baby?: Last week as a squash!  Dr. Dick says she’s between 3-4 pounds probably.  My lilypie ticker say 4 1/2 pounds and about 17″ long.

Belly picture:  Here’s from Saturday–31w3d.

And today at 32 weeks


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