30 weeks….AHHHH!!

Wow, I don’t know what it is about 30 weeks, but it makes it seem sooo much closer now!  Only 10 weeks (hopefully) until we meet our baby girl!!!  I can’t wait!  I have been having daydreams lately about when I will first see her, what it will feel like to hold her for the first time, to pick her up when she crys to comfort her or to feed her, how she’s going to be all squishy!  ::cue tears::   This may actually happen.  I may actually get my take home baby.  I may actually be a parent that is COMPLETELY responsible for a HUMAN.  Wow.

Had an OB appt today.  Dr. Dick didn’t measure the fundal height this time –darn.  John and I were wagering on what I measured this time.  He said I would measure 34w (still 4w ahead like last time), but I said 32.  Oh well, guess we will see maybe next time.  I now go every 2 weeks to appts and only have 7 more appts left!  Well, as long as she doesn’t go overdue–which I’m not holding my breath about.  I scheduled them out for the rest of the pregnancy.  Also got my Rhogam shot today–I hate that thing.  Makes me flinch everytime.  And now my right butt cheek hurts like a motha.

We had our elective u/s on Saturday.  It was great to see her and see that everything looks good, but she was a stinker and decided to nap with her face towards my spine.  So we didn’t get many pictures–they ended up only charging us half price.  And then when her face was showing, most of them were too blurry to make out because of my anterior placenta.  Oh well, I still think it was worth it 🙂

Wanted to make sure she still was a girl 🙂

Symptoms?:  My back hurts every day–it’s pretty sweet.  Kellen likes to have her feet up under the right side of my ribs–that’s a lovely feeling.  It does keep me sitting and standing straighter because if I slouch, it’s more uncomfortable.  If I get to sleep in past 6 a.m., then I have to get up more than once per night to go to the bathroom now.  And I feel like I walk different–I think you could call it waddling.

Weight gain?:  Down 1 pound this week so +14 total

Movement?:  Yep!  It’s not so much taps/kicks anymore.  It’s more rolling around with every now and then a big kick.

Stretch marks?:  I think the same ones, but the ones on my belly have extended I believe.

Belly button–in or out?  Still in–I don’t know how though.

Best thing that happened this week?:  The u/s was great!

Any baby-related purchases this week?:  Not completely baby related, but she is the main reason why we got it.  I got an awesome Nikon D3100 DSLR camera!  It is super legit looking!  And I haven’t completely refreshed my memory on how to use it yet (I used to take photography classes), but it takes amazing pictures all ready 🙂

Nursery progress?:  None–shower is next weekend so in a couple weeks we might have some new stuff up there!

Milestones reached?:  30w 🙂  I did start packing the hospital bag last night.  I know it’s early, but we are done traveling until she gets here, so I figured I would start putting it together and add or take away as needed.

What size is the baby?:  Still a squash, but my ticker says she is 16-17″ and 3 1/2 pounds!

Belly picture:


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