7 months!

28 weeks today!  Woot woot!  We had our maternity pictures today.  We went to Peggy Iileen Johnson who did my boudoir photos last year.  She does a great job and doesn’t charge an arm and a leg and she also gives us a CD with all the pictures on it.  I think that is the only way to go anymore.  We did a lot in the studio and even got some with Daisy 🙂  And then we went to a field that Peggy really likes to get some outdoor shots.  I was excited about that too and can’t wait to see them, but I didn’t think about my allergies.  They got pretty bad and I was wearing a knee length skirt so all the weeds and stuff out there made me break out in hives on my legs and they were so itchy!  So towards the end I was pretty miserable.  Hopefully it doesn’t show too much in the pictures.  We came home right after and I jumped in the shower and realized we didn’t have any Benedryl so John ran to Walgreen’s to get me some and now I’m laying on the couch.

Symptoms?:  Same–back hurts most days.

Weight gain?:  Lost 2 pounds this week–probably just from the NE trip.  So I’m up +13 pounds total.

Movement?:  Yep!

Stretch marks?:  Same

Belly button–in or out?  Still in, but I think the top is about level and kinda sticking out a little.  I usually can only see the top part of my belly button ring hole, but I can see the bottom too now.

Best thing that happened this week?:  Our pictures today was fun!

Any baby-related purchases this week?:  Nope

Nursery progress?:  Same

Milestones reached?:  7 months!

What size is the baby?:  Still an eggplant but about 2 1/2 pounds and almost 15 inches long!

Belly picture:  I actually didn’t take one.  I was going to after our maternity photo session, but I ran into the shower.  So I think the 350ish pictures Peggy took will suffice for the 28 week belly pic 🙂

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