Double Digits!!

Yesterday we hit 99 days until the due date!!! And in less than a week, I will be in the 3rd Trimester! Woot woot!

Had an OB appointment today. Dr. Dick gave me the GTT test to take home–we leave on vacation in a couple days so I am going to do it when we get back. It’s the Lemon-Lime flavor–was hoping for orange, but oh well :p

He finally measured my fundal height–I was going to ask him to do it today anyway, because I’ve been curious. But I am measuring 30w (30 centimeters)! Uhhh…..Kellen, it is not okay if you are 4w larger than you are supposed to be. He said it wasn’t an exact science and that he doesn’t really worry too much about it until after 36w and then if I’m consistently measuring big or small, then we would do an u/s….otherwise, no more u/s. Even though I asked. ūüė¶ ¬† So I think John and I are going to schedule an elective one around 30w. We both want to see her again and my OB’s office doesn’t let us record the u/s, so this way we could have a DVD.

I asked him a bunch of birth plan questions also. I’m torn on what to do with pain relief. I do not want anything intravenous–I don’t even like taking Tylenol and I do not want myself or Kellen to be loopy. And the idea of being numb kinda freaks me out (epi), so I don’t really want to go that route either. I’m fine with trying to go natural, but I want a back up plan just in case I feel like I need something. So I’m leaning towards the intrathecal. It’s a shot in the fluid around the spine, and it doesn’t make you as completely numb as the epi does, but it does numb you some. ¬†It takes about 70-80% of the pain away and works immediately but only lasts for at the most, 3 hours. ¬†When Dr. Dick first told me about it, I thought it sounded wonderful, but I thought he had specifically told me that it doesn’t numb you. ¬†But it does so I’m kinda bummed. ¬†So I told him I was just going to try to bear through it as much as I can, and if I feel I need something, I probably will go with the intrathecal–at least it wears off quickly.

John and I leave for The Corn (Nebraska) on Saturday! ¬†We will stay at Lea’s up in Vancouver Friday night and she’s going to watch Daisy for us while we are gone. ¬†John is doing a boys golf day on Monday, so Angie (our best man’s wife) and I are going to the spa. ¬†She’s due a couple weeks after me, so we are getting prenatal massages, facials, and pedis. ¬†So excited! ¬†It will nice to go back to NE also. ¬†We haven’t been for a little over 2 years. ¬†We will visit with his family in Lincoln on Sunday, and spend the rest of the time in Omaha with his friends. ¬†We always have a great time while we are there. ¬†It’s going to be weird because we have always gone back for a wedding or funeral, so not having something like that to go back for is weird. ¬†And it’s going to be humid ūüė¶ ¬†And usually we drink a ton of beer….so not quite sure what we are going to do instead.

Symptoms?: ¬†Nausea is still coming here and there, but nothing horrible. ¬†It’s a little harder to move around and bend over and get in and out of chairs.

Weight gain?: ¬†Up 1 pound this week so +12 total. ¬†Looks like my dream of only gaining 15 pounds isn’t going to happen. ¬†But I might be able to keep it to 20.

Movement?: ¬†Yep! ¬†She moves a ton. She kicked me the other day when I pulled out the doppler b/c she had one day where she wasn’t moving much at all, but she kicked the wand so hard that it moved my hand too! ¬†She also was moving yesterday while I went to the bathroom–that was odd… ¬†And I feel her much more now during the day—it was mostly just morning and evening.

Stretch marks?:  The same

Belly button–in or out? ¬†Still in

Best thing that happened this week?: ¬†Fletcher’s called and said our glider is in! ¬†We will go pick it up after we get back from The Corn.

Any baby-related purchases this week?: ¬†I got John a new Oregon backpack for him to use as a diaper bag. ¬†And I bought a bunch of nursing bras and tanks and comfy clohes. ¬†My sweats and pajama pants aren’t very comfortable anymore.

Nursery progress?: ¬†No change, but can’t wait for the glider to be up there next week!

Milestones reached?:  Double digits!

What size is the baby?: ¬†Still an eggplant but my ticker says she is 14 1/2″ long and 2 pounds!

Belly picture:

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