21 weeks

Symptoms?: Hip pain is back–haven’t slept very well at all the last couple days. I think I’m getting the beginning of the linea negra on the bottom part of my stomach.

Weight gain?: Yes….3 pounds. I can’t believe it. So 7 pounds total. I keep trying to tell myself that it makes up for the zero weight gain last week. But I’m kinda upset about it. I know, I know, I’m supposed to gain weight. But it doesn’t mean I have to like it.

Movement?: Yep! She’s been moving around pretty good! The last couple of days she moved a ton throughout the day. I love it!

Stretch marks?: I think I have more on my belly–or they are just bigger/darker. Not liking it at all either. I feel like I will never be attractive again–I’m being super pouty and vain, but hey, at least I can admit it.

Best thing that happened this week?: Probably just working on the nursery more was fun 🙂 I got a tub, diaper genie, and some maternity clothes from my cousin, Tiffany today. And a Bumpo and tray, bottle warmer, and some baby clothes from Larissa. I haven’t really gone through it all yet.

Any baby-related purchases this week?: The last post went through the stuff I got for the nursery. Today I went shopping for maxi dresses for my high school reunion I have in June, and then the baby shower in July. I found a couple, but I’m not too sure about it all. I think my mood about how I look isn’t helping me like any of the clothes I try on. Plus, there are hardly any cute maternity dresses out there, so I am bought regular ones and it’s hard to find some that are flattering to the pregnant body.

Nursery progress?: See last post 🙂

Milestones reached?: 21 weeks 🙂

What size is the baby?: A banana

Belly picture:  This is the dress and little cardigan I am thinking for the reunion.  We will see.  Oh, and my camera broke  😦  So I had to use my phone.  It’s under warranty still, so we will take it in to get fixed.


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