Half Baked!

We are half way there!  Woot woot!  Oh, and I ate some Ben and Jerry’s Half Baked ice cream to celebrate.  And then Larissa pointed out the pun:  I’m Half Baked on 4/20  🙂  But I only celebrated with ice cream, I swear 🙂

We had the follow up at the MFM today to check on the cyst.  We just figured it would be the u/s and maybe the MFM would come in and let us know how it looked at the end.  But instead, the genetic counselor called us into a meeting room and said she wanted to go over why we were there today.  I was feeling really good before that point, but I started feeling nervous pretty quickly.  She was so serious and started telling us about statistics–10 out of 200 babies that have the cysts also have fatal birth defects and usually Trisomy 18.  The way she said it was so scary and I just started bawling right then and there.  All I could think was that we shouldn’t have started on the nursery!  How stupid and naive I am to think that everything is okay….She told us that they weren’t even concerned about whether the cyst was still there or not, but they wanted to double check the rest of her anatomy to make sure everything looked good and healthy.  So if everything looked good, but the cyst was still there, they wouldn’t need to do a f/u again.  She said that my blood test results were great, and she’s confident we were going to see a healthy baby.  I just wish they could’ve had that conversation after they saw what the scan was.  I feel like I got really upset and didn’t really need to be.

So the u/s tech started the scan and the great thing is, they tell us about everything they are looking at and what they find while the scan is happening.  First thing she did was look at my cervix and it was long, tight, and closed!  And as I was looking, I noticed Kellen’s head was right on my cervix!  I asked her if that was true, and she said it was.  No wonder it feels so heavy down there lately!  Little stinker!  And she measured how far away my placenta was from the cervix and that looked really good too–it still is anterior, so that could be why I don’t feel too many kicks just yet.  Kellen’s brain, heart, liver, and kidneys all look great.  The cyst was still there, but she said it was smaller so probably was on it’s way to going away, which most of the time the cysts are gone by 3rd Tri.  She measured her head and it was measuring right at 20w.  She measured her femur also, and it measured 20w6d, so almost a week ahead.  So we might have a tall girl on our hands 🙂   We saw her drinking some amniotic fluid and she also showed us her umbilical cord.  It was making a pulsing motion–kinda weird.  Oh, and she weight 12 oz, so she’s gained about 3 oz in 2 weeks!  She’s a big girl 🙂  We were also able to bring in a VHS for her to record parts of the scan.  She waited until the diagnostic part was over and then recorded about 5-8 minutes or so and put some 3D on there and her heartbeat.  Now I just have to find a place that will transfer it to a DVD 🙂

The MFM doctor came in when we were all done and said everything looks great.  He said he of course can’t tell us that she for sure doesn’t have T18, but he said that he’s more sure of her NOT having T18, than he is of her gender.  And he said he’s 95% sure she’s a girl  🙂  So overall, it was a great scan, and we should be bringing home a little girl in September!  I can’t believe we are only 20 weeks through though–this is just crawling by and I really wish it was September!!

Symptoms?:  Little bit of hip and back pain still.  More noticeable heavy feeling in the ute.

Weight gain?:  None this week, so +4 pounds total

Movement?:  Yep, pretty much every day.  I felt her kicking right where the u/s wand was today 🙂  I don’t think she liked it.  And yesterday morning I was laying in bed after I woke up and Daisy was on my belly and I felt 3-4 distinct kicks right under Daisy.  Her ears perked up after the 1st one, but I’m not sure if it’s because she felt the kicks or not.  I put my hand on my belly right after the last one, and of course the little stinker didn’t kick again.  I really want to start feeling outside kicks so John can feel them too.

Stretch marks?:  Just the same ones.

Best thing that happened this week?:  Seeing Kellen again today was great fun  🙂  And putting the nursery more together is fun.

Any baby-related purchases this week?:  Yep–I’ve been purchasing a lot lately 🙂  I got a really cute black and white tutu outfit at Target the other day that I thought would be really good for newborn pictures 🙂  And a possible take home outfit that is pink 🙂  I also bought some really cute knit hats from Etsy the other day!  The first one I got in white instead of cream and in 3-6 months size.  The second one I got in 0-3 months and got in in green and yellow for Duck games, and the 3rd one I got as is in 0-3 months 🙂

Nursery progress?:  Yep!  We got the crib up there and the room is set up to where we want everything.  We just need the changing table to show up.  It was damaged in shipment, so I called Shopko and they are shipping us a new one.  I asked if I needed to take the damaged one back to my local Shopko, and they said that we can dispose of if however we want.  The part that was damaged is just a small piece of particle board that is part of one of the shelves, so I contacted Million Dollar Baby who is the actual manufacturer of the crib and changing table and thought we could purchase replacement parts and then sell the extra changing table.  Well, they are going to send us free replacement parts!  Woot woot!  So we will have 2 brand new changing tables and I’m going to sell one of them for profit 🙂  We also went and ordered the glider and ottoman today.  We pretty much splurged and went over our budget, but we were having a hard time deciding on one that we both liked that would last and be comfortable.  We bought it from a local baby boutique, Fletcher’s, which is known for it’s over priced baby stuff.  But not many places have gliders out on display, and we really wanted to make sure that the one we got was comfortable.  So we got one by Best Chairs Storytime Series: Patoka

We got it in a taupe color with a matching ottoman.  It’s super comfy and not too big so it will fit in the room really well.  It takes about 6-8 weeks to get here–can’t wait!

John is actually out in the garage right now staining the chair rail that we got today for the nursery.  Him and Chris are going to install it on Saturday 🙂  John also purchased a ceiling fan for the room.  It’s upstairs and it can get pretty warm and stuffy up there, so the air flow should help.  I ordered some prints off of Etsy also that need framed, but were drawn to match our bedding set.  And this last week I got in a lamp and matching night light from Etsy also that have birds and trees on it–super cute  🙂  I will put up more pictures of the nursery once it’s closer to done.

Milestones reached?: Half baked!

What size is the baby?:  Cantaloupe!

Belly picture:  Added in one with a top view 🙂


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