18 weeks and Team…..

Pink!! We are sooo happy that we are having a little girl 🙂 And we decided on the name Kellen Ann Chess! And I’m pretty proud of my prediction/instinct. I just knew it was a girl! And it wasn’t like I had a preference, because we would have been just as excited for a boy, but I just knew 🙂

So here she is!  The 2nd picture is her legs up and her feet on her head!  So flexible  🙂  The last 3D one looks like she’s smiling and I absolutely love the 1st one of her profile.  She is sooo cute!  We are sooo in love already!  The u/s tech showed us the “girl” shot and asked if we wanted to take a guess. I knew right away it was a girl because you can see the “3 white lines” which are the labia.  John couldn’t believe I could tell just by looking at that picture, but I told him that if it was a boy, it would be VERY obvious!

She does have what they call a “soft marker” which isn’t too much of a concern, but of course I have a little bit of worry.  She has a Choroid Plexus Cyst in the fluid around her brain.  It’s not on her brain so that is good, just in the fluid and it will probably dissolve on it’s own.  So we have an appointment again with the MFM to re-check in 2 weeks and Dr. Dick says there is a really good chance that it will be dissolved by then and he is not worried about it at all.  He said 2 of his 3 children had this kind of cyst and they are completely healthy.  John isn’t worried at all either, but of course I’m a little worried.

Symptoms?:  Nothing new really…my appetite is much better 🙂

Weight gain?: Another pound, so total +3 lbs.

Movement?: Yep, probably once or twice a day, I feel her moving around in there pretty good.  No hard kicks yet and nothing from the outside

Stretch marks?:  Just the boob ones and stomach ones from last pg, and I have some from this pg on my upper front thighs….yeah, I’m going to have them all over the effing place.  Boo.

Best thing that happened this week?:  Our Anatomy Scan today!

Any baby-related purchases this week?:  Yep, we found our crib and changing table on clearance the other day and I bought the crib mattress–just waiting for them to arrive.  We made a trip to Ikea and found a cubby bookshelf for the nursery.  And today once we found out she’s a girl, we bought the baby bedding set so I could make sure to get the right color pink for the walls!

Milestones reached?:  Finding out the gender and first for sure movements!

What size is the baby?:  A sweet potato–but we found out our baby weighs 9 oz, not the 6.7 oz this sweet potato says.  And she actually is still measuring 3 days ahead at 18w3d according to her skull.

Belly picture:  I do NOT like this picture, but I’m too tired to go take another one.  I swear I don’t look that huge IRL…well, I don’t think I do :p


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