14 weeks

My OB appointment on Monday was pretty boring.  I weighed myself in the morning before I went, and I went back down to 1 lb less than pre-BFP, so my freak out last week over the pound I gained must of been just me needing to take a poop or something.  A 2 pound poop to be exact.  So I got weighed at the doctor’s office (which that scale also showed 2 lbs down from my last appt) and then pee in a cup and blood pressure.  Dr. Dick came in and told me congrats on reaching the 2nd Trimester 🙂   He was really cute about it actually–had a big grin on his face.  And then he pulled out the doppler and found LO’s heartbeat in just a few seconds.  Such a beautiful sound 🙂  Then he pretty much just said to make an appt in 4 weeks for my Anatomy Scan and he’ll see me later….I was like, whoa…I have questions!  So I asked him about my recommended weight gain since I was overweight before I got pregnant.  He said that I am average weight for someone in Eugene/Springfield and that the recommendation is 35 pounds!!  After I picked my mouth off the floor I told him I did NOT want to gain that much weight.  He said he knows I don’t and then proceeded to break down how much everything weighs (which I have in my previous post) but I still told him I was thinking more like 15 pounds.  He told me I would need to gain at least 20 pounds.  Well, boo.  But I guess it is better than 35!  So my new goal is to gain 20.  But he said that it probably will happen no matter what I try to do to control it.  He said almost all of his patients gain the most of their weight in the end of 2nd Tri and 3rd Tri.

Symptoms?:  Same still–had heartburn again the other night.  That sucked.

Weight gain?:  Nope

Best thing that happened this week?:  Scheduled the Anatomy Scan for April 6th!!

Any baby-related purchases this week?:  No

Milestones reached?:  Um….14 weeks!  :p

What size is the baby?:  A lemon!

Belly picture:  I think I look smaller in this picture compared to last week.  I measured my belly this week and it was down 1″ so maybe the bloat is going away a little.  That means the real bump should appear soon  🙂


One thought on “14 weeks

  1. Yay for 2nd tri! 😀 Sounds like you had a great appointment. I’m glad your doctor was willing to listen to you about your weight gain. I hope you are successful in only gaining what you need for a healthy baby!

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